Update: On September 1st 2017, I published my 2017 Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report, a 41 page comprehensive guide to what’s trending this race season. 

A scorching hot Gold Coast summer’s day provided the backdrop for the first Myer Fashions on the Field State Final for 2017.

Ladies from around the country eagerly followed their Instagram feed, waiting for the first snaps to start pouring in.

2017 fashion trends instagram

Image credit: @t.a.tt.s

magic millions 2017 hairstyle

Image credit: @lindsay.j.ridings

Image credit: @giddyupfashion80

Magic Millions is a special event, not only because it is known for delivering colourful, fun and flirty summertime fashion, but because it delivers insight into what the new year’s fashion trends might be.

It’s exciting to see what styles have carried through and which ones have been left behind. It’s also an opportunity for fresh fashions to emerge as a result of Spring Carnival.

So, let’s have a look at some of the trends showcased on Saturday, starting with colour…

Colour Trends

I think every colour under the sun was on show, but there did seem to be an abundance of red hues and pinks.

2017 colour trends for race dresses

This is no surprise, as often when one colour (or style) dominates, the following year ladies tend to go the opposite direction, keeping things fresh and exciting. Last year it was blue. This year, reds, pinks, fuschia, magenta.

red hues and pink dresses at magic millions

Image credit: @giddyupfashion80 (right)