Update: On September 1st 2017, I published my 2017 Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report, a 41 page comprehensive guide to what’s trending this race season. 

A scorching hot Gold Coast summer’s day provided the backdrop for the first Myer Fashions on the Field State Final for 2017.

Ladies from around the country eagerly followed their Instagram feed, waiting for the first snaps to start pouring in.

2017 fashion trends instagram

Image credit: @t.a.tt.s

magic millions 2017 hairstyle

Image credit: @lindsay.j.ridings

Image credit: @giddyupfashion80

Magic Millions is a special event, not only because it is known for delivering colourful, fun and flirty summertime fashion, but because it delivers insight into what the new year’s fashion trends might be.

It’s exciting to see what styles have carried through and which ones have been left behind. It’s also an opportunity for fresh fashions to emerge as a result of Spring Carnival.

So, let’s have a look at some of the trends showcased on Saturday, starting with colour…

Colour Trends

I think every colour under the sun was on show, but there did seem to be an abundance of red hues and pinks.

2017 colour trends for race dresses

This is no surprise, as often when one colour (or style) dominates, the following year ladies tend to go the opposite direction, keeping things fresh and exciting. Last year it was blue. This year, reds, pinks, fuschia, magenta.

red hues and pink dresses at magic millions

Image credit: @giddyupfashion80 (right)

reds pinks fuschia magenta fashion colour trends

Image credit: @reg_t (left), @twocorporategirls (right)

Blues were still popular choices, but there was a shift to a lighter powder blue, mixed with pinks.

powder blue race dresses 2017 trend

I happened to be wearing blue and pink too!

blue and pink milano imai

Yellow was the chosen colour to represent Queensland, with stand out and personal favourite, Stacie Galeano taking out first place in a stunning dress made by Pauline Fenech from Alexander McQueen embroidered tulle, and a turban wrap headpiece by @millineryjill.

Stacie Galeano Magic Millions FOTF winner

Fashion illustration sketch and turban millinery

Image credit: @stacie_galeano (left), @millineryjill (right)

The beautiful Em was hard to miss in a canary yellow Maticevski full Skirt and white blouse with ruffled detail, completed with MillineryJill hat. This whole ensemble is perfection!

canary yellow Maticevski full Skirt

Image credit: @wendellt

Opposite to last year, I have a feeling this year the state finalists will be in a variety of colours.

Pantone does suggest the colour of the year to be green, perhaps that will take over a little later in the year. I wouldn’t mind trying out a green dress, it’s such a fun colour!

pantone green colour trend 2017

Image credit: Pantone

Silhouettes and Shapes

All the racing fashion favourites were on show- midi length pencil dresses, some fishtails, full skirts and A-line dresses.

magic millions myer fashions on the field

race dress style shape trends 2017

Front split midi length Pencil, Full skirt, Pencil again and the Fishtail- four popular styles in the one photo.

I didn’t see many new shapes, except perhaps an increased popularity of the fishtail skirt, with extra fabric in the tail.

fishtail hem race dress trend

Image credit: @taylor_marlene7 (left), @marjoribanksmillinery (right)

The mullet hem, which was everywhere last year, was still present, but not as popular. Only a few were seen gracing the catwalk, although they still looked beautiful.

Emily @corporatecatwalker pulled hers off superbly with a colour block and contrasting lined hem.

corporate catwalker mullet hem trend

Image credit: @corporatecatwalker

Print Perfection

Bold prints were trending and even a few print clashes.

I absolutely adore the three prints of these fabrics and they were all made by the super talented @fashionable_free_me pictured on the right.

bold print fashion trend

Prints are so fun to play around with!

colourful clashing prints racing fashion

Image credit: @kez_xox

printed race dress

Image credit: @allportmillinery

Trending Millinery

It was great to see some funky styles this summer. The crown and turban were two popular choices, found in many variations from leather-detailed crowns, to jewelled and floral numbers.

The turban worn by the state finalist, Stacie, looked super chic and is sure to still be on trend in November.

turban millinery hat trend

Image credit: @wendellt (left), @kirstyashestyle (right)

Crowns were a popular choice for many.

crown millinery hat fascinator 2017 trend

The Halo, a shape I think will be quite popular this year, wasn’t prominent at this competition. But, the one I did see was amazing! The details on @madamhat halo were divine, making her whole outfit a total stand out.

halo red hat fascinator millinery

Hats with a twist on the brim were noticeably making their way around the fashion tent. Here are two of my favourites made by @sonliafashion.

boater hat with a twist

Millinery in the top ten line up was made of a variety of styles; 2 perchers, 3 boaters, 1 crown, 1 halo, 1 turban and two side millinery pieces.

top 10 fashions on the field millinery

It just goes to show, when it comes to millinery, as long as it looks beautiful and suits your outfit, then any style is in with a chance to win.

If you haven’t discovered Millinery Market yet, I encourage you to check it out! It’s an online marketplace for buying and renting millinery and you can filter your search results by a number of filters like hat shape, colour, features and price.

buy rent hat fascinator millinery headpiece

Accessory Trends

The notable trend in accessories was jewelled statement earrings.

statement earrings jewellery trend

Image credit: @wendellt (right)

And it was fun to see so many different and colourful heels on show!

trending colourful heels

Image credit: @jessicaacton (right)

group photo of girls heels shoes

Highlights Video

If you’d like to see all 110 outfits that competed on the day, watch this 60 second highlights reel that shows the 11 heats and finals.

Comparing the 2016 and 2017 Top 10 Outfits

Last years top ten and this year’s top ten comparison- what do you think? It’s definitely a brighter colour scale this year and there were more outfits featuring prints.

2016 magic millions top 10 fotf

2017 magic millions top 10 foots

Last year’s top 3 and this year’s top 3:

top 3 winners from last year

Image credit: @ontrackontrend

Magic Millions top 3 winners 2017

Image credit: @flemingtonvrc

Wrapping up, there a few new trends this year, especially in colour and the popularity of the fishtail shape, but there are still a lot of trends that have carried over from late last year, like boaters and bold prints.

If you’d like to learn more about this year’s trends, I recommend reading my comprehensive, 41 page Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report that was only just released in September 2017! Just enter your name and email in the form below and I’ll send you a copy.

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