Welcome to Part 3 of my 3-part blog series, where I show you how my three 2019 Spring Carnival outfits came to life.

In this post I’ll share how I created my Oaks Day outfit. In previous posts I covered how I made my Derby Day and Melbourne Cup Day outfits.

milano imai racing fashion blogger 2019 melbourne cup spring carnival outfits

My 2019 Spring Carnival Outfits – Left to Right: Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day, Oaks Day

Last Minute Outfit Swap

After doing a little switcharoo of my Derby Day outfit, which meant my Cup Day outfit was now my Derby Day outfit and my Oaks Day outfit was now my Cup Day outfit, it meant that, with just a week till Oaks Day, I was one outfit short. 

Luckily I am an avid outfit repeater and the obvious choice was to wear my purple Solace London dress. I am loving lilac this year and wearing a full pleated lilac dress to Oaks Day seemed very appealing. 

purple Solace London ‘Adami’ dress

My Solace London ‘Adami’ dress from net-a-porter.com

I had worn this dress previously to Ladies Day in Brisbane back in June. Oh, and also when I was judging Rocky Amateurs in May and to a high tea… let’s just say I got my money’s worth! 

milano imai wearing pleated purple dress to different functions

L-R Judging Rocky Amateurs, Entering Brisbane Ladies Day FOTF and attending the Tattersall’s High Tea.

Changes to the Dress

Since wearing it previously, I’d had the hemline shortened around 20cm. The dress was actually quite long- to my ankles, and I did feel it needed to be shortened to a midi length to make it a little more race day appropriate. 

reducing length of a dress cutting hem

Chopping the hem off anything is so darn nerve wrecking!!

I was also going through a bit of a fabric covered belt phase, of course I used the excess to have a belt made.

purple, white, pink belts fabric covered

Every outfit this carnival had its own matching belt! Cute!

Trying Different Millinery

A month or two before Spring Carnival, I had been eyeing off Peacock Millinery’s Jinsin and feather turbans which Belinda has been creating. I loveeee them, and was eager to have one of my own, so I contacted her to get one made.