It’s the day before the Weetwood Toowoomba Laser Clinics Fashions on the Field event.

I hadn’t planned on attending, in fact, I was meant to be having a quiet weekend and possibly a clothing sale on Saturday afternoon. But I was starting to feel the itch. You know that itch? The one where you are suddenly compelled to throw together a FOTF outfit and indulge in a whole bunch of DIY?

I had no outfit planned, nor did I have any suitable winter millinery. On top of that, I am the stereotypical terrible female Asian driver and the two-and-a-half-hour hour trip each way seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. Still, the itch was strong.

The Most Important Step…

I rushed home after work on Friday at 7:30 to put a plan in motion.

First of all, the most important step was to see if my hair wizard Kirsten could fit me in the following morning. This may sound lame, but I think if she was unable to do my hair, I would seriously consider not going- that’s how important good hair is on a race day! And also shows how bad I am at doing my own hair!!

As usual she was an absolute gem. Bless her!

Finding a Dress

Next… what the heck was I going to wear?

Being an avid outfit repeater (sustainability for the win!) I tried on the only two winter racing fashion outfits I own. A beige two piece set with powder blue trim and my monochrome jacquard fabric pencil dress with Kimono Sleeves.

My dog is a diva. As soon as he sees me getting my photo taken he rushes in to photobomb.

I asked my Japanese homestay and her boyfriend which outfit they liked better, and they said the monochromatic outfit. I was secretly very happy about this because the beige outfit is just so darn tight and I wouldn’t have been able to sit down (or eat hot chips).

Turning a Spring Hat into a Winter Hat

Ok so dress decided on, it was time to work out a hat. Normally I would go through Millinery Market to find the perfect hat, but time was not on my side. I would have to make do with what I already had… not many A/W appropriate hats at all!

Looking through them, I found an old sinamay round hat. It was one of the first hats I ever purchased from a hat shop when I started entering FOTF.

Here’s an old photo I found of the time I wore it…

Somewhere along the way I had spray painted it black.

I searched my sewing room for some black fluffy wintery fabric. Coming up empty handed I stumbled upon a scrap of black sequin fabric that was quite stretchy. Perfect for covering a hat base! I pinned it over my hat and stitched it in place.

Then I found some veiling I purchased on my Japan trip last year and had a play around with it. I attempted the typical style of letting it cover the face. Okay, not great. Then I found that having it folded in half and stitched at an ascending height around the hat looked best.

For embellishments I wired some pink silk leaves into flowers, similar looking to the flowers on my dress. I then spray painted them black and blow dried them before wiring them onto more wire and sewing it onto the hat base.