Luxurious wintery fabrics, layered ensembles in jewel tones and rich hues, smoky eyes and crimson lips…. I love the cooler seasons for racing fashion!

As we are well into the chilly seasons, I have taken some time to identify five popular trends seen at the track this autumn and winter.


1) The Colour Mustard

The hot colour of this season looks like yellow/mustard. Whether it be a dress, pants, skirt or used as the finishing touches with accessories and millinery, mustard has been a stand out colour choice for many race enthusiasts.

mustard race dress next to white grey horse

Image: @_cloflo

mustard pleated skirt with purple long sleeve top for winter

Image: @alanajohnson101

mustard warm winter racedress with black felt millinery

Image: Trudie Payne

2019 winter race trends yellow wide brim hat black dress

Image: Trudie Payne

autumn winter race day fashion vertical striped dress yellow headpiece and bag

Image: Mollie Coghlan-West

leopard print dress with mustard features winter racing

Image: @chezzarrr

winter race dress with jacket winter trends

Image: @shannleigh__

2) Jacquard / Lux Fabrics

My favourite thing about winter wear are the gorgeous fabrics. Jacquard fabrics are beautiful, as the print is woven into the fabric, sometimes creating a 3D effect. I love how many of the jacquard fabrics have metallic through them, giving them a deeper, more luxurious feel and they look stunning on stage. I also love funky plaid fabrics too!

metallic printed luxurious fabrics 2019 autumn winter popular trend