I’m one week out from Derby Day, the first of three race events I’m attending and (if I get my outfits ready in time) competing in Fashions on the Field.

This is what’s on my plate:

  • Saturday October 31st- Derby Day. Black and white theme.
  • Tuesday 3rd November- Melbourne Cup. No theme, but obviously something bright and fresh for spring.
  • Thursday 5th November- Oaks Day – Ladies Day. No theme.

So what exactly is involved in the week leading up to Spring Racing Carnival?

Getting ready for Spring Carnival

Join me over the next 7 days as I prepare for the year’s most prestigious Fashions on the Field event. Click here if you are interested in seeing what our past 12 Fashions on the Field national winners wore.

Saturday 24th October – 7 Days to Go

I don’t know if I even woke up this morning because I’m not sure I slept. My mad cat was in my bedroom last night, trying to get out. I couldn’t let him out because my Derby Day Dress is lying on a table and I was terrified he’d decide it’s a good place to sleep. So, instead, I opted for never-ending scratching and clawing to save the dress.

Mind you, the dress is in no way finished and I’m not sure what it is I’m saving! It worked really well in my mind: white, fitted, midi-length, with cut out panels of mesh and a whole bunch of cute white triangles which would be sewn on in different places to look like they were floating. Easy right?

Now suffering post triangle trauma disorder.

I sewed the triangles on.
Unpicked them.
Sewed them on somewhere else.

White spring racing fashion triangles homemade

Spring racing carnival homemade white triangle pinning

Spring racing carnival homemade white triangles embellishments

Decided no triangles and would put mesh panel in instead. Drove to Spotlight.
Mesh panels discontinued line.
Went to Lincraft.
No mesh. Bought an elastic trim instead.
Got distracted and went shoe shopping.
Went home- elastic trim no good.
Thought about beading instead.
Kept thinking.
Stopped thinking.

Overall, today has been a disaster. I have achieved nothing!

Tomorrow will be better. I’ll have a good night sleep and tackle the triangles in the morning.

Sunday 25th October – 6 Days to Go


More coffee.

I think I managed five hours sleep, worrying about having an ugly dress.

Stayed up late pinning on all the thigh panels triangles. Again! Then I tried it on and it’s okay. I don’t love it yet. I’ll have to get my milliner and my friend-slash-designer on board for some seriously quick advice. Self-doubt is a killer.

But for now I have to get ready for work (retail) and I really can’t afford to lose the day, but I suppose I have to pay for all this somehow (Hi-Ho Hi-Ho). Praying for a quiet day at work so I can think about outfits all day, rather than assist pesky Sunday browsers with their whimsical Sunday needs.

To bead or not to bead?

DIY homemade racing outfit embellishment

Monday 26th October – 5 Days to Go

So tired.

I woke up super early this morning to work on a new idea. Another new idea. Sometimes I think I’m better off not sleeping at all because when I do, I wake up with another new idea and they are driving me crazy and making me late. For everything.

At some stage during the night, I decided not only did the Derby Day Dress need the triangles, but it also might need some circles. So, at 4am – after only going to bed at 1am – I got up, drank a bunch of coffee and got to work. By 8am I had hand sewn all the little triangles onto the mesh thigh panel.

A few days prior I had cut (well technically hammered) and painted a bunch of little leather circles which I now glued onto a sample mesh panel to go around my waist. Possibly. I’ll test it out tomorrow.

White Circles DIY homemade hammer paint races

FOTF DIY homemade races white

Then I went to my day job and muddled through work in a no-sleep coma, worrying about all the things I have yet to do:

  • find accessories for ALL three outfits
  • find shoes for ALL three outfits
  • meet Andrew for Melbourne Cup Day bodice fitting ( I already have the skirt)
  • make decisions on 3 hair styles, 3 nail colours, 3 makeup looks
  • get hair coloured
  • a thousand other things I won’t list here or you will slip into a coma too

At least the Perspex bags I ordered arrived today!