The way you accessorize your race day outfit can make or break your whole look. Not only do accessories spice up an outfit, they create that essential ‘on trend’ element.

Accessory trends are always changing. Something that was the ‘must have’ item one season could be tossed to the back of the cupboard quicker than a bad ex-boyfriend. Dated. Done.

It’s always fun trying to predict what the next trend will be.

Some trends are made on runways, showcased through high end fashion sites like Net-A-Porter or adorned by fashion forward fashionistas.

Racing fashion trends ripple through a crowd fast. When one accessory wins a sash in FOTF or gets a lot of attention, it has a wild fire effect. That bag or earring style will be popping up on every Fashions on the Field stage across the country.

In this blog post I take a look at some of the hot accessory trends of the past few years, interview The Bag Queen on how to spot a new trend, and discuss when a trend should enter retirement.

Here are a few of the main accessory trends we have seen over the past few years…

Hot Accessory Trends from the Past Few Years

Half Moon Basket Bag

The half moon bag was the must have bag of 2016/2017. This bag comes in many colours and sizes and was the perfect finishing touch to Spring outfits across the country.

colourful half moon basket bags

Image: 1:, 2-4:

races basket bag accessory trend

Image: Melissa Barnes, Arriell Scuderi

racing fashion cane basket bags

Image: Katie McNamara, Allana Burns

Statement Earrings (Christie Nicolaides Earrings)

Even I, one who doesn’t like to lash out on accessories, purchased a pair of Christie Nicolaides jeweled earrings. In fact, I bought two pairs!

These were undoubtedly the must have earring for a time, and everywhere you looked stunning turquoise and rose rocks could be seen dangling from every ear at Spring Carnival. Two years on, my Christie’s are tucked away in a draw, and I have no urge to bring them out again… for a little while at least.  

Christie Nicolaides earrings jewellery accessory trend


stylish ladies wearing Christie Nicolaides earrings

Image: Melissa Barnes, @wendellt photo of @itsannabeldavy

Christie Nicolaides earrings worn at the races

Image: @milanoimai, Pao Andrea Rod

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings finish off a race day outfit so beautifully. They’re fun, bright and are an easy choice to pair with most outfits.

Although they were most popular three years ago, they are still a favourite amongst many. With many variations of this style to choose from, layered tassels, beaded, ombre, ranging from super long to short styles, I don’t think these will be going out of style any time soon.

tassel earrings pink yellow blue red


racing fashion tassel earring trend

Image: Shantelle Morris, @rhiannapatten

milano imai melissa barnes tassel earrings trend

Image: @milanoimai, @melissabarnes_1

Ring Handle Bag

Who didn’t give in to the peer pressure and buy a ring bag? These bags were favourites as they pushed aside the standard clutch we were all clasping on to, breathing some much needed fresh air to bags. The cute ring handles and shape made them a novelty in themselves.

ring bag trend blue black pink gold


ring hangle bag at the races

Image: Arriell Scuderi, Jan Bulman

fashions on the field ring handle bag accessory trend

Image: Susan Richards, @dahynaheenan @yarravalleyracing.

Top Handle Bag

Around this time, hand held bags became popular too. Cute rectangular, circle or square shaped bags with top handles are one of the most popular bags to be seen at FOTF events today. Clutches are often hidden by a hand when held, but these handle bags allow the bag to take the spotlight.

top handle bag trend pink bags

Image:,, Dolce & Gabbana,

style fashion top handle bag clutch

Image: Allana Burns, @gracyn_masterson23 Vera May

top handle bag trend at myer fashions on the field

Image: @courtney_busby, @flemingtonvrc

Sphere clutches

Sphere clutches also had their moment in the limelight, coming in block spheres and metallic mesh spheres, allowing you to fill the insert with a different colour. I love the way they look with modern and classic outfits, adding extra pizzazz to race day outfits.

sphere clutches spherical shaped bag


sphere clutch for race day butterfly pattern blue

Image: Nicole Mackay, @shannleigh__

sphere clutch racing fashion yellow pink

Image: @shannleigh__, @geowatto1,

Face Bag

Aren’t these bags just the coolest? They really give an outfit a quirky, chic look and can often be that added touch a simple outfit needs.

face bag print trend


ladies at the races with face bags

Image: @sally_martindhu, @flemingtonvrc @amandamaccor

womans face printed on bag clutch accessory trend

Image: @emma.c.wells, @crystalkimber

Skeleton Bag

I’m calling these the skeleton bags because they remind me of a rib cage haha. This is my most favourite bag trend. I just love looking at them, so unique and able to bring an on-trend vibe to any outfit.

skeleton bag cult gaia lilleth acrylic bag

Image: 1 & 2:,,

milano imai racing fashion blogger with cult gaia lilleth acrylic bag trend

Image: @milanoimai

racing fashion skeleton looking bag crystal kimber

Image: @crystalkimber, @fashionable_free_me

Twilly Scarf

Who has seen cute little printed scarves gracing the handles of bags lately? A fun way to spice up you bag and add another element to your outfit is by adding a twilly scarf.

twilly scarf trend


twilly scarf tied to clutch trend

Image: @getracy shot by @wendellt @peoplestyleplace, @fillyandcomillinery

scarf wrapped around bag racing fashion trend

Image: @madamhat, @jettahandtilldesign

Do Accessories Go Out of Fashion?

One concern with jumping on board every trending accessory train is the worry that it will go out of fashion, and you may only get a few wears out of it.

Facebook group question about accessory trends

Some accessories do indeed last the long haul – I still see half-moon bags at almost every race day and I still think they look fantastic. Others aren’t so lucky, and the thought of using that accessory makes you feel like the slow rhino in Jumanji, who’s trying to catch up to the herd. A little off trend.

A tip when buying accessories is to buy what you love, that way if it does go out of fashion before you’ve had a chance to get your money’s worth, you can still use it and love it in your everyday life.

I don’t think any trends seriously ‘go out of fashion’. If you’ve styled your outfit the right way and that certain clutch or earring works well with it, then there’s nothing wrong in using a clutch you bought three years ago. And let’s remember here, fashion should be sustainable, the fashion industry is one of the largest pollutants in the world! But that’s for a different blog.

Having judged a number of FOTF events, I do find that when I see too much of the same accessory, I find it a little boring. But I wouldn’t judge against it just because it is ‘an old trend’. In saying that, I LOVE to see something new and fresh. It might just be worth going against the crowd and not following a trend, instead finding something no one else has. You could be setting the next trend!

How I Discover New Accessory Trends

Discovering a new accessory trend is a lot like discovering a new trend in clothing.

Some trends are started by big fashion houses and can be seen on runway shows or in magazines.  Others can be found by doing some online research, whether it be on Google or Pinterest, by following social media accounts of fashion forward women and following accessory accounts to see what they are stocking.

To show you what I mean, here’s some examples of some of accessory research you can do.

Research Pinterest

For me, a favourite place to look is on Pinterest. A simple search of ‘2019 accessory trends’ and a quick scroll through the photo feed and I’m on track to spotting a few trends.

Tortoise Shell

A trend I’ve spotted a lot walking from store to store in a shopping centre is tortoise shell. Being a printed pattern and specific colour, it’s hard to say whether it will take off in racing outfits.

tortoise shell accessory clutch earring trend


Oversized textured clutches

This will be an interesting one to watch, will clutches get bigger and an oversize theme take off? I love the look of the layered texture in each of the bags. Such show stoppers!

oversize textured clutches blue yellow green


The Return of the Necklace

Could the necklace finally be making a come back? They’ve been hibernating for quite some time…. I don’t think I’ve worn a necklace in a racing fashion outfit for over two years now, but my neck is itching to be adorned.

statement necklace emerging 2019 trend


necklace accessory trends butterfly lizard buffalo


Research Online Stores

Online fashion forward stores like Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi are two leading online retailers who stock all the latest goods from top designers across the world.

A search in their ‘Accessories’ category can give you some great inspo of new and upcoming styles.

net-a-porter accessories


modaoperandi new accessories


Research Vogue

You can really find out anything you want online, and when it comes to fashion, Vogue is the bible. You can see every top fashion house’s runway collection for the upcoming season and take note of the accessories.

vogue accessories trends


You can also search specifically for accessory trends for 2019, to find some really great articles like this one.

How Bag Queen Karen Spots New Trends

One savvy lady who is always on top of the trend game, and a familiar name amongst us racing fashion ladies, is Karen Bytel, Owner of Bag Queen.

You’ve probably seen Bag Queen tagged in many photos on Instagram of ladies with on-trend bags and accessories. Her clientele includes the likes of both the 2017 and 2018 Myer National FOTF winners Crystal Kimber and Carle Rutledge.

bag queen logo

2018 2019 myer fashions on the field national winners crystal kimber carly rutledge

Image: @wendellt @peoplestyleplace @crystalkimber, @madamhat

I have asked Karen a few questions on how she spots trends, here’s what she had to say…

How do you spot a new accessory trend? Where do you think the trend originates?

Karen: “I follow many overseas Instagram accounts and see what handbags are trending overseas to get ideas. From my experience l believe the trend originates in Europe.”

amanda macor circular cane bag trend

Image: @bagqueenkaren @amandamaccor

Do you have any advice for ladies wanting to stay ahead of the curve?

 Karen: “Something always a little different gets the attention and makes a statement, so take a chance and match that crazy bag with your outfit to stand out.”

How often do new accessory trends come out?

Karen: “Normally twice a year for Bag Queen, l have a Spring/Summer range and another in Winter.”

hgrahamm top handle bag trend

Image: @bagqueenkaren @hgrahamm

Do you find trends sell very quickly, but once it is old, no one buys it?

Karen: “Trends take a little longer to catch on in Australia, however the serious FOTF ladies are onto the new trend straight away. I am still having requests for the Mr Sneaky bag l sold almost 2 years ago, but was a very popular bag back then also.” 

cult gaia crystal kimber pink bag races

Image: @bagqueenkaren @crystalkimber

What accessory trends do you think we will see in 2019?

Karen: “There are a lot of trends with mini bags, belt bags and see thru bags in 2019, also twilly scarfs tied or wrapped onto bags, however l select bags for my collection that standout and are unique for the FOTF ladies but l also consider the racing lady who has to fit sunglasses, phone and essentials into the bag and still look stylish at the races.”


What do you think will be the hot trend of 2019? Tell us in the comments below.


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