The way you accessorize your race day outfit can make or break your whole look. Not only do accessories spice up an outfit, they create that essential ‘on trend’ element.

Accessory trends are always changing. Something that was the ‘must have’ item one season could be tossed to the back of the cupboard quicker than a bad ex-boyfriend. Dated. Done.

It’s always fun trying to predict what the next trend will be.

Some trends are made on runways, showcased through high end fashion sites like Net-A-Porter or adorned by fashion forward fashionistas.

Racing fashion trends ripple through a crowd fast. When one accessory wins a sash in FOTF or gets a lot of attention, it has a wild fire effect. That bag or earring style will be popping up on every Fashions on the Field stage across the country.

In this blog post I take a look at some of the hot accessory trends of the past few years, interview The Bag Queen on how to spot a new trend, and discuss when a trend should enter retirement.

Here are a few of the main accessory trends we have seen over the past few years…

Hot Accessory Trends from the Past Few Years

Half Moon Basket Bag

The half moon bag was the must have bag of 2016/2017. This bag comes in many colours and sizes and was the perfect finishing touch to Spring outfits across the country.

colourful half moon basket bags

Image: 1:, 2-4:

races basket bag accessory trend

Image: Melissa Barnes, Arriell Scuderi

racing fashion cane basket bags

Image: Katie McNamara, Allana Burns

Statement Earrings (Christie Nicolaides Earrings)

Even I, one who doesn’t like to lash out on accessories, purchased a pair of Christie Nicolaides jeweled earrings. In fact, I bought two pairs!

These were undoubtedly the must have earring for a time, and everywhere you looked stunning turquoise and rose rocks could be seen dangling from every ear at Spring Carnival. Two years on, my Christie’s are tucked away in a draw, and I have no urge to bring them out again… for a little while at least.  

Christie Nicolaides earrings jewellery accessory trend


stylish ladies wearing Christie Nicolaides earrings

Image: Melissa Barnes, @wendellt photo of @itsannabeldavy