Fashions on the Field competitions are often guided by a theme, the favourite being “Black & White”.

The biggest Black & White theme day is Derby Day, during Spring Carnival. There are also “Black & White” race days at other locations, which sometimes incorporate a twist, such as “Black & White – with a Touch of Red,” just to keep us on our toes.

Some of you might feel that being limited to two colours means looking like everyone else, unoriginality, or boredom. But it’s quite the opposite.

It’s so exciting to see the many different ways ladies interpret this theme. The different silhouettes, prints, fabrications, textures, embellishments and trims can all help to create a unique and original look.

To celebrate the “Black & White” theme, in this post I cover:

23 Different Ways to Wear Black & White for the Races

Part 1 – Deciding which parts of your outfit will be black or white


1) All Black

Black on black (on black) is very statement, very chic and not at all boring. Tying in some interesting shapes to your design, like a feature sleeve or layered hem, or finishing off with some stand out millinery will rock this look!

black on black monochrome

all black dress

Image: @wendellt

all black dress

Image: @wendellt

all black classic outfit races

Image: Tatiana Hoffmann

Image: Chloe Fegatilli

Image: @Millicentzaria

Image: @courtneymoore

Image: @madamhat

Image: @dannyxinkay

Image: @sarah_vasey92

Image: @courtneymoore

all black stunning race dress


2) All White

I also love the look of all white. The trick here is to incorporate textures, an interesting silhouette, design or mix of fabrics.

Derby Day All White Outfit

Image: Angela McCormick

Image: @breelaughlin

Image: @Krystlelouu

Image: @Millicentzaria

Image: @elizabethcharleston

Image: @Petamb_

Image: @kristenfebey

Image: @Hollykiely25


3) All White – Black Accessories

Brodie won the 2014 Myer FOTF competition in an all white Maticevski dress, adorned with black accessories. Simple, yet elegant.

derby day style

Image: @flemingtonvrc

all white derby day dress

Image: @flemingtonvrc

Image: Milano Imai shot by Wendell Teodoro

all white dress with black accessories

Image: Elizabeth Winlo

Image: @madamhat

Image: Katie Etheridge

Image: @Viviana_croker

Image: @Elizabethcharleston

Image: @Elizabethcharleston

Image: @milanoimai

Image: Peoplestyleplace @wendellt

Image: Peoplestyleplace @wendellt


Image: @tamara_t_ortiz

4) All Black – White Accessories

The other way around…make black your base colour and add some white in your shoes and clutch. Perhaps a little less popular but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying out. Done well, it looks super stylish.

all black white accessories

Image: @megan.odwyer

Image: Martina Sheehy

Image: @sauv_blancsocialist


5) White Dress – Black and White Accessories

Wear an all white dress/ensemble and mix up your accessories with a combination of white and black. White shoes and a black clutch (or vice versa) and millinery that is black and white.

Image : @emscodellaro

Image: @Lindsay.j.ridings

Image: Petamb_

Image: photo of @miss_stephkwong

Image: @narellegriffin5


6) Black Dress – Black and White Accessories

Well, the alternative to number 5! I love how Elizabeth has incorporated a sheer fabric, which gives her outfit depth as well as lightening up the overall look of being all black.

Elizabeth Charleston Black and White derby day

Image via @elizabethcharleston

Image: Stacey Reynolds

Image: Kellie Mahlstedt

Image: @rose_kimmi