Talking Trends with Racing Style Guru Turned Milliner Claire Hahn

Claire Hahn is well known in the Fashions on the Field Circuit, and not just for her own sense of swanky style. A self taught milliner, Claire Hahn Millinery can be seen rocking catwalks across New Zealand, Australia and beyond. With many client sashes under her belt, including two out of the last three NZ [...]

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Six Milliners Share their Experience using Millinery Market

In June 2017, I created Millinery Market, a marketplace designed to make beautiful, handcrafted millinery accessible to everyday race goers while providing a platform for milliners to showcase their work to a wider audience. Today the site boasts over 1,000 hat listings, and thousands of race goers come to the site every month in search [...]

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Why you Must Attend a Millinery Workshop!

I have admired the art of millinery for many years and always longed to be able to create beautiful headwear. It has always been a mystery to me…. the way a hat could sit up on a head a particular way, or how trims appeared to be floating. And how did she get that feather [...]

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The Ultimate Millinery Guide | Choose the Right Hat for the Races

Getting dressed up and wearing a hat to the exciting! These days, there aren't many opportunities to wear one, so you should definitely make the most of it when you attend a race day. For most people, wearing a hat may only be a once-a-year occasion and it can be a bit daunting choosing [...]

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A Guide to Dressing for the Season | Autumn/Winter vs. Spring/Summer

Seasonal changes are fun for the racing fashion enthusiast as they provide us with the opportunity for experimentation and creativity. Unlike our northern hemisphere counterparts, racing fashion in Australia is divided into two seasons, Spring/Summer (S/S) and Autumn/Winter (A/W). It is important to abide by the seasonal changes in fashion as judges of Fashions on [...]

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Exciting New Feature Updates for Millinery Market

In July 2017, I created Millinery Market, an online marketplace that connects women who are looking to rent or buy a hat, with talented milliners and race enthusiasts from across Australia and New Zealand. You may remember my previous post where I talked about what led me to create the marketplace. Here’s the link if [...]

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2016 Millinery Winners Inspired by Cathedral Windows & Christmas Wreaths

The Myer Millinery Awards, held on Crown Oaks Day during Spring Carnival, is undoubtedly the most prestigious millinery competition in Australia. It is an invite only competition (although you can submit an application to be considered) that was introduced by the Victorian Racing Club in 2005. Each year upwards of 50 milliners are invited to [...]

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How my Struggle to Find the Right Hat led me to Create Millinery Market

Do you think it’s harder to find a races outfit or hat? For me, it is almost always the hat. An outfit I can generally pull out of my closet, but it is the issue of not having a hat that often stops me from going to some race events. And this makes me sad. [...]

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5 Reasons why you Need to Attend a Milliner’s Market (#3 is my Favourite)

The Milliner’s Market is a race wear enthusiast’s dream destination. A headwear shopping mecca, full of inspiration and glamour, complete with champagne bar! I recently attended my first milliner’s market, held at Doomben race course in Brisbane, QLD. The market was a stall set up with 8 milliners, featuring their work. They each displayed [...]

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