6 Interesting Points from Em’s 2018 Fashions on the Field Survey

Em Scodellaro runs the ‘It’s All About the Sash’ Facebook Group and she recently put together a fantastic 40-question survey in relation to Fashions on the Field. First, Em asked the members of the racing fashion community to voice their opinions and answers to a variety of questions. You can download the full survey results [...]

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Copying Racing Fashion Outfits – Flattery or Theft?

So, you spend all year designing and working on an outfit, making the thousands of changes to it until it’s just right. You search high and low for the perfect millinery and, about 100 hours later, you are super proud of your entire outfit. A one of a kind creation! And all yours! You wear [...]

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What it’s Like to Run a Fashion Blog | My 2.5 Year Journey So Far

It’s been two and a half years since I started my fashion blog. Although, I don’t think blog is the right word for it. To me, it’s a whole lot more than just a place I go to write my thoughts on racing fashion. It’s a community, a place to connect with other racing fashion [...]

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Fashions on the Field Enthusiasts Robbed of Sashes Across the Country

“Hi Milano, I attended a comp recently and I’m a little upset at the judge’s decision. I had lots of ladies saying to me they thought I should have won…” Since starting this blog over 2 years ago, my reader base has grown steadily and I now receive upwards of 30 messages a week. And [...]

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