2020 Bag Inspiration | 87 Trendy, Funky, Cute, Cool and Quirky Bags

I am addicted to funky bags. I can easily waste weekends sifting through them. In fact, that’s quite essentially what I just did, but this time I decided to put my past-time to good use and do some sharing! This blog post showcases a selection of my favourite trendy, funky, cute, cool and quirky bags [...]

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Race Day Bag Inspiration | 125 On-Trend Handbag Images to Drool Over

Welcome to the wonderful new world of on-line handbag shopping. Bags are no longer the standard one-colour, hand-held clutch that merely blend into your outfit. Instead, these days, there are literally thousands of options to get excited over. The right bag can give your outfit that extra touch of glam and tick the on-trend box. [...]

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Art of Accessorising | How to Choose Accessories to Complete your Outfit

I have started a long and beautiful relationship, with accessories. At first, I was a little scared. Accessorising, for me, used to mean finding a simple clutch or heel to match an outfit. Now, it’s a love affair! It’s finding a glamourous heel to complement your outfit, a bag in a wild shape that brings [...]

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The Ultimate Plus Size Racewear Guide | Embracing Curves on Race Day

As a way of getting to know my readers, I ask e-mail subscribers a series of questions and I’ve noticed a pattern. When asked, “What do you struggle with most when it comes to racing fashion?’” “How do I dress a curvy, fuller figure?” hits my inbox A LOT! So, this blog is dedicated to [...]

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