The National Myer FOTF Competition is the Golden Globes of the racing world. And I daydream about winning it. A lot.

It’s not just because I drive around in a beat up old Toyota and would much prefer to be zooming around in a shiny, black Lexus iSport (although I can picture that quite easily).

It’s because, for us race enthusiasts, it’s the big time, the real deal.

Once you win one of these, you are racing royalty.

Imagine being that one person. The one, whose style was immaculate, a combination of uniqueness and pizazz, style and glamour.  Of the thousands of entrants, you are the winner. You go down in racing history and your outfit showcased in a museum- so fancy!

And what a fantastic story to tell your children! Or in my case, my friends’ children, because I’m having dogs instead.

So after a few ladies in the Field Fashion Community Facebook Group voiced their interest in hearing about the lives of our national winners, I thought it would be a fun idea to profile our last three winners.

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Courtney Moore 2016, Emily Hunter 2015 and Brodie Worrell 2014 are the past three national winners. This week I’m interviewing Courtney, and over the next few months we’ll also be hearing from Emily and Brodie!

They will be familiar faces for most of you, as they have judged numerous competitions around the country. Courtney was kind enough to share her story with us today.

Courtney Moore| National Winner 2016

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How long have you been entering FOTF? Number of events per year?

I have been entering for 4 years now, into my 5th year. I was roughly entering 3 a year but mainly jumped straight into the Myer FOTF competitions with a few country cups in there!

Describe your winning outfit and where you got the idea/inspiration?

First of all, I came across the beautiful Alice McCall top featuring boned cap sleeves with different shapes, and cut outs and thought instantly I had to create something amazing with this.

I didn’t have any inspiration on this outfit to be honest; I found the top and then started from there. The high waisted Ellery skirt was found online and it was seriously the most perfect match. I loved the panels on the skirt and the way it flowed. When I received the skirt, it wasn’t high waisted so I went to my seamstress who adjusted it to be high waisted and I took the top in as well to make sure they both sat well together.

So originally this outfit would have had midriff showing, which obviously is not a FOTF attire but my mum sewed my top to my skirt for both Adelaide Cup and Oaks Day morning!!

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However, the stand out of my outfit was definitely my 3D hand wired and jeweled headpiece by Moore Millinery Designs and talented mother. I am quite picky and particular with my millinery choices and always draw (terribly) my ideas.

It took a long time to decide on this headpiece, because I wanted to incorporate the shape of the top into the headpiece. Due to mum being part of calisthenics for 28 years she is amazing at working with wire and beading as she beaded all of our costumes and made all of our headwear!

I wanted something that stood out from the rest! After working together, designing, going back and forth it took mum a good 4 weeks to make this headpiece.

To complete the outfit, I accessorised with a blue bag from Myer and blue pointed silk shoes from ASOS.

What was it like winning the national final? Recreate the moment for us.

It is so hard to recreate the moment because when you are in it, it feels surreal. But I will try my best.

Winning Adelaide Cup first of all was an amazing moment! The races have become a family tradition for us especially Adelaide Cup as Shandell (eldest sister) has lived there for 10 years now.

When I won, I was in shock… I honestly couldn’t believe it!

I was then in a predicament as I already had a 2-month placement in Adelaide for my Prosthetics and Orthotics course during the time of Melbourne Cup.

Luckily I allowed the week off, however I did have to fly back and forth during the 10-day experience to complete some work (it was all worth it).

The experience itself during the Melbourne Cup Carnival will be one to remember. We felt like royals attending all of the race days, Governor’s House, the Melbourne Cup Parade and Oaks Day Luncheon. I had formed such a lovely friendship will all of the girls there and when we were standing backstage before heading onto the stage to announce the place getters we all had a group hug and just said we have all won!

We made friendships that I know will last a lifetime, we made memories and had the most unbelievable time!I had my family come watch and my partner and his family (surprise to me) so it was such a fun filled day.

Courtney Moore FOTF Winning Outfit Racewear Millinery

I was soooo nervous standing up on the stage. To be honest I was nervous all day, luckily I had Andrea (twin sister) there to calm me down.

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