Belts come and go with the seasons, but when they’re trending, they are a useful little item to add extra detail and feature to your outfit. They can help blend colours, refine a skirt and top combination and even accentuate your waist!

milano imai racing fashion blogger wearing purple fabric covered belt

Image: Anthony Rice

This season, fabric covered belts that match the fabric in your outfit is the most popular way to wear them. You may have noticed this trend recently, popping up on all the FOTF catwalks. In fact, I have had four belts made this season to suit my race day outfits.

various styles of fabric covered belts

Image: @buttonmaniac

The beauty of a fabric covered belt is that it adds an element of interest to your outfit. And being the same fabric means it doesn’t distract or break up your outfit. Some ladies avoid belts because they can make them appear shorter, but if the belt is in the same fabric as the dress, it creates fluidity. Belts done well, give off a well put together vibe, and can score you some extra points in FOTF.

You’ll be happy to hear that fabric covered belts can be custom made for you and the process is quick and easy. After doing a quick online search I stumbled across Buttonmania in Melbourne. I contacted the ladies to ask about belt options, costs, timeframe and the creative process.

The Process of Getting a Belt Made at Buttonmania

To have your very own custom-made belt, the process is really quite simple. You will first need to decide on the belt width- do you want a thin belt? Or are you going for more of a statement thick belt?

There are a few belt buckle options to choose from too, found on their website.

different types of belt buckles

Image: A few of the buckle options available at Buttonmania

Once you have decided on your belt width, multiply that amount by three, and for the length, add an extra 30cm to your waist measurement.

You will need to send a separate piece of fabric for the belt buckle and keeper, which is a piece 25cm squared. Don’t forget to identify (clearly) the side of the fabric you want used.

Basically, all fabric can be turned into a belt, stretch fabrics included. The only fabrics that may be problematic is leather- although a very thin leather works best, and PVC fabrications.

With your fabric ready to go, print off and fill in their customer order form and send it all off together.

choosing eyelet colour options to suit a fabric covered belt

Image: @buttonmaniac | the ladies were kind enough to lay out my eyelet colour options to help me select my favourite option.

There are a few different coloured eyelets available and depending on the colour of your fabric, you may be able to find a very similar colour or opt for something contrasting, like gold or silver.

The Cost?

The cost of getting a belt made can vary depending on the size, buckle and fabrication.

Belts up to 50mm (2inch) are $32.50 and belts 50mm (2inch) and over are $37.50. Some small additional charges may apply depending on lace/sheer fabric placement, lining or if joins are required.

Fabric covered buckles are $8.50 per buckle.

Once your fabric has been received, the turnaround time is within a week, but can be quicker if needed.

Once your belt is ready it will be sent via Australia Post express service $12.50. International orders are of course welcome, and you should contact the ladies directly for prices.

Stunning Outfits Featuring Fabric Covered Belts

Below are some seriously beautiful outfits that feature fabric covered belts. Try to picture these outfits without a belt, I think you will agree, having a belt really finishes off the look.

floral and water colour print race dress with matching belts

Images: @petamb_, @bryony.t

red and yellow race day dresses with trendy belts

Images: @katiemacaus, @krystlelouu

floral and geometric pattern dresses with matching fabric covered belt

Images: @reneeinnes80, @petamb_

green race dress with fabric covered belt

Image: @iamrachaelw and Neva

2019 belt trends fashion style

Image: Allie & Kim

geometric patterned dresses with trending belts

Image: Karlie & Kerrie

If you are wanting to get a fabric covered belt made to match your outfit this Spring/Summer, contact the ladies at Buttonmania. If you’ve worn a fabric covered belt with your outfit, post a photo in the comments below :D

To find out what else is trending this season, have a read of this post about 2019 Spring Racing Fashion Trends.


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