Makeup is not complete without a set of lush, thick, falsies. That’s my mantra.

how to apply fake lashes

I started wearing fake eyelashes 10 years ago when I lived in Japan. Compared to all the perfectly lashed ladies there, my eyes looked…bald.

It took me a while to perfect the art of application, however, and there were some disastrous accidents.

My eyes often ended up stuck together. Then there was the Basset hound droop. And the lazy eye lopsided look. All bad.

Nowadays it takes me under 5 minutes to apply my false eyelashes. A master at last!

A few important steps should get you on your way.

Step 1: Fake eyelash product

I recommend buying lashes that are on a clear base, with individually placed lashes on them. Much easier to apply than full strip lashes as they have more movement. And aren’t stiff.


Step 2: Fake eyelash glue

Forget the glue that comes with lashes in packets. I’m yet to come across a good one.

My favourite is DUO* Glue- it can be purchased from most makeup stores (Mecca, MAC, Glamaco or online) and costs around $15.

* Note: Most Duo Glue’s on eBay are Fake – they are usually around $2, come from China and won’t stick at all.

Duo eyelash glue

Step 3: Do your makeup as you would normally

In my previous post I shared my makeup tips for getting your makeup to last the whole day at race events.

Step 4: Cut the lashes to the right size.

Your fakies will most likely be too long for your eyelid.

To measure them, place them from your inner corner (not too inner) to the end of your eyelid. Cut off the excess length.

You can cut either from the inner or outer side depending on the look you want – I always say the longer the better so I cut from the inner edge.

It’s important to cut off the clear excess length from each end too.

remove excess length

reduce width too long

Step 5: Apply glue

Squeeze a small amount of glue onto something. Then, using something pointy, apply some glue to your first lash.

Too much will cause the glue to smudge all over your eye lid, gluing everything in its path together. Too little will dry too quickly.

Let the glue dry slightly, so that when it’s applied it still has some stick to it. I usually wait around 20 to 30 seconds.

eyelash glue how to apply

Putting glue on lashes

I use this handy tool I purchased from Daiso- It’s supposed to be a nail art tool but I use it to apply my glue.

nail art tool glue

Step 6: Apply lashes

Close the eye you are gluing it to. Using your fingers or tweezers (be careful not to poke your eye!!) place the eyelash first along the inner part of your eye, then along to the end.

Use your tweezers to clamp the fake lashes and your real lashes together so they are sitting in a tight line. This will help make them look natural (well, as natural as fakies can look)

Let them sit for 15 seconds or until the glue is dry.

Then apply your next set of lashes in the same way.

Preparation how to

glue to face

Step 7: Mascara again

Once the lashes have dried and are secure on your eyelid, put some mascara over the top to make them blend.

Put on mascara

I also like to use an eyelash clamp to curl them, that way the real ones and the fake ones sit together. At this stage I usually add more eyeliner too, to cover the line where the new lashes sit.

eyelash clamp curl

Remember, practise makes perfect! What seems like a messy, tedious, torturous task to you now will get easier. Promise!

makeup false eyelashes

If you want to buy the same fake eyelashes that I use, you can purchase them here. They’re my favourite as they are easy to apply, the perfect length and are reusable.

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