If you’re entering Fashions on the Field, your clutch probably isn’t designed for functionality, but for winning!

perspex gold handbag fashions on the field

Chances are, it isn’t large or practical enough to carry anything. And even if it is, you don’t want a mid-catwalk stumble whereby the contents of said clutch spill across the floor in a clattering, mess of tubes and pots and pins.

You can’t win this way. You need a backup handbag.

Things you need in the backup bag to avoid a race day catastrophe:

Makeup sewing repair kit fashions on the field

Repair Kit

  • Needle and thread – I forgot mine this year, so, of course, my shoe strap broke! Luckily, my friend had one in her kit and was able to repair it or I would have spent the day hobbling around like a tragic race drunk.
  • Small scissors – There is bound to be a loose thread when you least expect it.
  • Safety Pins – A button might pop or a necklace clasp breaks.
  • Bobby Pins – Hair falls out of place. Hats move around. Be prepared.
  • Spare Hair Tie – If you’ve had your hair done, it’s unlikely you’ll need to touch it. But if you’ve done it yourself and you’re anything like me, I’m a hair fiddler. You can’t afford to be left with a snapped hair tie. Click here to see popular race day hairstyles.
  • Spare Earring Back – Pack a couple of little clear earring backs, just in case.
  • BANDAIDS– Really, these should be at the top of the list. Blister on your heel/toe/ankle? Bandaid. Boning of dress digging into your side? Bandaid. Prick your finger trying to sew your shoe strap back together? Bandaid.

Face Kit

  • Lipstick – Eating and drinking. Kissing? Don’t forget to re-apply.
  • Eye lash glueIf you wear fake eyelashes like me there is NOTHING worse than having an edge corner of the eyelash start to come off. When this happens you have no option but to pull them both off, or risk walking into walls, other contestants, or looking like a face lift gone horribly wrong. Must pack glue!

Emergency Kit

  • Flat shoes – Flats can be a life saver. No one likes the idea of ruining their beautiful outfit with a pair of ugly, Nanna-flats which take them from a hot 10 to an average 6. But come 2pm, walking around on unsteady grass and cobble all day and you’ll be praying for an average 6.
  • Umbrella – If you are in Melbourne, take an umbrella. They are a total pain to carry around, I know, but you have to invest in a mini fold up brolly. Or buy a cheap one you can ditch when the skies clear. This year, Derby Day and Oak’s Day poured down with rain and the harsh winds blew droplets in every direction. My expensive hat and I were very happy to have brought along an umbrella.
  • Sunscreen – Fair skin? You’re outside a lot. Put some sunscreen in a small airtight container to re-apply throughout the day.
  • Snacks – Lining up for overpriced high-calorie food shouldn’t get in the way of a good time. Pack a snack, or seven.
  • Shawl – You might think you are rocking up to a nice, sunny, hot Cup Day but you can be very, very wrong. Remember: Melbourne

See what I meant when I said travel suitcase?

Having a backup handbag is 1 of 7 lessons I’ve learnt over the years from attending numerous race events. Want to know about the other 6 lessons that I wish I knew when starting out?

What else do you pack in your race day handbag? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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