A few months ago, I put a call out to all the ladies in the Field Fashion Community Facebook Group to see if anyone would be interested in sharing their story, opinion or skill with the racing fashion world.

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To mix things up, I thought it would be good to incorporate different perspectives on my blog because there’s a lot of topics that I just don’t know about.

Topics such as what it’s like to attend the Dubai races, stories about fashions in a small country town, or even tips for attending the races when you’re pregnant! (Plus you’re probably getting tired of always hearing about my last minute outfit fiascos.)

One woman who answered the call is Kat Clarke, and today she’s going to share some of her tips for posing on the catwalk.

Even now when I get on stage, I have trouble thinking of ways to stand and often catch the eye of a friend off stage who has to mouth “stop standing with your feet wide apart like a man” haha.

Kat not only used to be a professional model, but has also coordinated modeling events, so who better to give us some modeling tips than this beauty queen.

How to Pose Guest Post by Kat Clarke

You can have the most put together outfit on track, but you get to that catwalk and suddenly you disappear into the crowd. Or you stand out in the line up, but for all the wrong ways.

I was once told no one will notice when you pose the right way, but they will definitely notice when you don’t!

Catwalk fashion model poses

A noticeable pose. Image credit: explosion.com

As I am a former model, “posing” is something I’ve learned over the years.

It’s not natural to stand or pose in a certain way and sometimes it’s uncomfortable (but that’s more for the professionals to deal with). And so of course I am asked a lot by friends on how they should pose.

I have a few tips I pass onto everyone I know when they ask how to stand.

Now it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. Some women have their own style they beam when they stand up there on stage. But I found after coaching many girls through my time as a model events coordinator I narrowed it down to just a few.


This is the start, this is the first thing judges, and everyone else around you notices. Look like you are having the time of your life, even if you feel like you need to run and hide. Smiling sets your whole style.

2. Walk-able shoes!

Wear shoes you can actually walk in. I have my go to shoes I wear more often than not. You might have a fantastic pair of Jimmy Choos, but if you look like a new born baby giraffe walking in them, that is all that will get noticed.

When you know your struggling to walk in them, that is all that will be on your mind and thus distracting you from your amazing smile.

High black stiletto heels

3. Eye contact when you pose

Make eye contact with every single judge, and everyone out in the crowd. This will keep you from looking down to your feet, hunching your shoulders over and not showing off your outfit to its best. Keep your eyes up and it will keep your chin up and everyone will see that beautiful smile.

4. Elongate your line

Most people will naturally try to stand in the most comfortable way they can. Especially when you are nervous the more you will seek out comfort in your posture! So think just like a ballerina walking with a book on her head.

5. Hands, and what to do with them!

I have a few favourites as you will see in my pictures.

Hands behind the back

Hands behind the back pose

Hands on the waist (not hips)

Aside from the fact that it looks more visually pleasing, it feels very uncomfortable and harder to hold my hands at my hips. It also pushes your shoulder forward and you lose the elegance from having your shoulders back.

Hands on the waist fashion pose

Hand holding your card

Hand holding card fashion pose

Hand by your side

Kat Clarke hands by your side pose

6. Knees and feet

No you might not think these are important but they really are. The smaller you make your centre line appear the better the pose.

Always try to cross one leg in front of the other if you can.

The following pic shows what not to do. You can see that even though I am smiling, my legs are stepped wide apart making me look shorter and wider, my shoulders are hunched and my hands don’t know what they are doing.

Kat Clarke wrong fashion poses

What not to do

7. Easy Poses to Try

As you can see my shoulders are back, I’m standing up straight, which makes me look taller (more elegant), my hands are placed at my waist (not hips) and one foot is crossed in front of the other.

Visually this makes your centre line (an imaginary line drawn down the middle of you from your head to your feet) look smaller on each side. You can then add in a clutch to hold from this pose.

Kat Clarke easy fashion poses

And this is my go-to pose. It’s my favourite as it gets me twisting at my middle a little more and that way I remember to hold my tummy muscles in (I have separated stomach muscles so I always need to make sure I’m doing this in general).

It doesn’t require any extra effort than the other pose, it’s just more of a twist, which if your nervous might throw you off balance. I keep one hand on my waist and drop the left hand or use this hand to hold a card etc.

Kat Clarke easy fashion poses

8. Catwalk and Pose

Catwalks can be scary, but remember the above tip of great shoes to walk in and the rest is easy.

So you may already have these down pat, or you may have no idea at all.

I’m not Australia’s next top model (though I did attend the international final for International lingerie model search, now try walking the catwalk in your undies and not be nervous!) but I’m all for everyone learning and having a red hot go at fashions.

walking down the catwalk

Hopefully these tips help you in some way. There is no set way for everyone, you just need to have a few different poses to see which one you nail the best and go with it!

Also Google a few different modelling poses and walks and look up videos on YouTube. And don’t forget to practice as practice makes perfect and it will increase your confidence and your walking/posing abilities.

Thanks so much for your guidance Kat! Tip 6, knees and feet is going to be what I concentrate on at my next FOTF event!!

Now that Kat has broken the ice, it’s your turn ladies to share your skill, experience or opinion with the rest of us! Email or message me with your chosen topic.

Do you have a go-to pose? Let us know in the comments below (bonus points if you show us a pic!).

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