With legs that never end, a face for cover shoots and an innate sense of style, Lindsay Ridings is a shining star in the Fashions on the Field circuit.

One of the (many) things I love about Lindsay is that she always creates something unique. She isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. In fact, sporting a shorter hemline at the recent Ladies Oaks Day in Brisbane, she may have just been the beacon of hope for all the ladies out there dying to wear shorter dresses. And she took out the winning sash with a stunning above the knee mini shift dress.

Lindsay riding pink shiny above knee mini dress fashion risk

This isn’t the first time Lindsay has taken a fashion risk. Stradbroke Day a few years ago, Lindsay entered the FOTF competition with the theme of black, white and a touch of red in an all red, head to toe, stand out Dior inspired outfit, also winning the coveted sash.

all red outfit for stradbroke cup lindsay ridings black white red theme

Image: Photo by Wendell Teodoro, Marilyn Van Den Berg Millinery

All it takes to create a trend or a movement in the FOTF world is for one very stylish fashionista to take the leap of faith and be rewarded with a winning sash. This gives other ladies the courage to try new things and, before you know it, trends become accepted as the norm.

lindsay ridings floral dress wide brim hat

Image : Wendell Teodoro

This blog post is dedicated to the lady herself. I asked Lindsay a few questions about her fashion style, inspiration and a very exciting project she has coming up!

How long have you been entering FOTF competitions?

5 years now!

How many sashes have you won?

Oh good question, I think 9 or 10.

myer fashions on the field winner sashes

Lindsay’s Sash Collection

Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Anywhere and anything. I love a classic silhouette and actively take inspiration from certain eras. I’m also moved by fabrics – often a design will start with seeing a truly delightful colour or patterned fabric. And feel. I love to design and wear things that make me feel a certain way.

DIY fashion design white stripe fabric and self made dress

lindsay ridings white stripe dress

Do you follow trends or try to start them?

I love a good trend, but I’m always trying to look for unique ways to interpret them into something more timeless.

racewear trends experimenting with different looks at home

black and white race day outfit white blouse white pants

As a fashion risk taker, how do you feel before taking a fashion risk? Do you get nervous about how judges and other enthusiasts will perceive it?

Absolutely! I always make sure I dress first and foremost to please myself. If I love it, I will own it, and it’s that confident and genuine energy that makes the outfit glow.

But there have certainly been times when I’ve been nervous about how outfits will be perceived, it happens quite a lot because I do push boundaries with themes.

It never stops me from going for it and being bold though as I believe that’s where fashion is at its most exciting, taking risks, doing something different. The Racing Fashion stage is really the perfect forum for that.

What are your favourite FOTF outfits to date?

My favourite has to be my beautiful Camilla & Marc Kennedy Oaks Day 2018 outfit. I knew as soon as I slipped it on it would be something very special to me.

All the elements of it, the beautiful higher neckline, the cut-out back, the longer midi skirt, the divine embossed fabric. It even has a bit of padding around the front hip line to make the silhouette more pronounced. The swirl Maker Millinery headpiece that swirled around my head, which I hired from Millinery Market, and soft pink accessories. I felt incredible in it.

Camilla & Marc Kennedy Oaks Day 2018 outfit

Image: Wendell Teodoro

maker millinery pink swirl headpiece

I also really loved my Lady in Red outfit. Gorgeous. So classic and just sooo much fun to wear, and of course, a tad controversial! ;)

Do your outfits turn out every time or have you had some disasters?

I’ve had one or two absolute shockers early on; they shall not be named! And I’ve shelved a couple as I’ve moved through the process. They may appear at some point in the future!

The journey of an outfit is an interesting one. I’ll start with a concept, a vision. Then I’ll find fabric which moves and feels a different way than planned. Then the design will take on a life of its own and really evolve to what you see on the day. I love that.

How long have you been sewing for? Where did you learn to sew?

I’ve been five years in high fashion creation now. But I’ve been sewing since about 4 years old. My grandma and mum used to sew and helped me with the skill in those early days. My other grandma used to sew children’s clothes for DJs and Myer back in the day too, so I’d love to think I acquired some of her skills and that she helps me in spirit today.

fashion design sketch and prototype

I started with dolls clothes, then barbie clothes, then clothes for myself when I couldn’t find (or afford!) what I wanted in the shops. Then of course racing fashion came along, which has been a journey all its own! They say necessity is the mother of invention and I can attest to that.

What are your top 3 fashion trends and top 3 millinery trends you are loving this year?

I love to think that with racing fashion anything goes any time!

BUT, I’m loving shorter hemlines – for many years the midi to almost full length has dominated and that’s a very elegant and timeless look. But if done correctly a shorter hemline can be just as glam and is a fresh take on racing attire.

shorter hemline dress 2019 racewear trend

Suits and two pieces will continue to be rocked in Spring/Summer I think and as always, I can’t wait to see the fresh new colours emerging in garments.

For millinery I’m loving face huggers/Duchess styles, big headbands and cool vintage shapes.

When you’re not creating your own outfit, where are your favourite places to shop?

I’m quite time poor so I do a lot of shopping on line at the usuals like net-a-porter, The Iconic, Farfetch and even ASOS for bargains.

opening parcel online shopping aquazzur

Tell us a little bit about your first collection being shown at Mercedes Benz Festival later this year

Of course! It’s beyond exciting and a fabulous dream-come-true moment to show a small capsule collection in such a venerable national forum, side by side with some amazing Australian labels! I’m really humbled; the response has been overwhelmingly supportive from the MBFF team and the ‘fashions’ community.

Lindsay Ridings the collection

The Collection will comprise a range of designs I just adore and cannot even wait to wear myself! The pieces have the high fashion drama we see at the track but will also be equally perfect for cocktail and evening events.

We have a small local supply chain and understand just how important it is to have a unique outfit for a special occasion, so run numbers will be very limited to keep that brand exclusivity.

The timing of the launch and show on 27th August is perfect for any planning for Spring Carnival and the holiday season. Stay tuned on Instagram (@lindsayridingscollection) and on the website (www.lindsayridings.com.au) as there will be sneak peaks of some of the pieces coming in the next few weeks!

fabric scissors tape measure sewing DIY dressmaking



Thanks Lindsay for sharing your wisdom and I can’t wait to see your upcoming collection!

Have you ever felt unsure about taking a fashion risk? Next you might like to hear about a time I felt really nervous about an outfit that pushed the fashion envelope. I also share some of my thoughts about how racewear styles evolve and who decides what is acceptable racewear.


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