Millinery Market – How to Connect your Bank Account

Millinery Market’s payment processing gateway is Stripe and is suitable for all sellers. You don’t need your own Stripe account. You will receive payments straight into your bank account by entering your bank details in your settings.

The following steps show you how to connect your bank account:

Step 1 – Once you’re logged in, hover over your profile photo and click ‘Settings’.

millinery market connect bank account

Step 2 – Click on the payments tab.

Stripe settings

Step 3 – Add your bank details to the form (legal name, birth date, country, address, BSB and account number) and then click the ‘Save details’ button.

setting bank details bsb account

Step 4 – You will then see a success message saying ‘Bank account details configured successfully!’, which lets you know you are all set to receive money to your bank account.

how to connect to millinery market

That’s it! All your hat listings will now have Stripe enabled for potential buyers. If you run into any problems, just send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.

Now you are ready to create your first hat listing.


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