Millinery Market – How to Check your Messages and Orders

Follow these steps to check your messages and orders:

Step 1 – After you have logged in to Millinery Market, hover over your profile picture in the top right corner. Three buttons will appear beneath your profile picture, which are ‘Inbox’, ‘Profile’ and ‘Settings’. Click on the button that says ‘Inbox’.

millinery market

Step 2 – You will then be able to see all the messages in your inbox. Order transactions are also stored in your inbox.

Your inbox displays information about your messages in 3 columns:

  • left column – shows the name and profile photo of the person who the message is from.
  • middle column – shows the first few words of the last message received. It also shows which hat listing the message is about (if applicable).
  • right column – for orders it will show the current status of the order (e.g. completed, rejected, waiting for renter to mark the order completed, waiting for you to give feedback). For orders that are waiting on you to complete an action, the status will show an attention symbol (yellow triangle with exclamation mark) and the message row will be highlighted grey. The number of outstanding actions (e.g. 15) will be shown in a red circle in your profile image.

Click on a message to view the message contents.

message inbox

Messages will look similar to the example below. It shows a history of the past conversations between you and the other user.

For orders, it will also show details about the order amount, shipping address and the order status history in green message boxes. This particular order is waiting for me to give feedback, which I will do once I receive the hat back in the mail.

order status

And that’s it, you now know how to check your messages in your inbox.


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