Millinery Market – How to Apply for Millinery Market Lender’s Protection

This knowledge article provides information about the Millinery Market Lender’s Protection program and how to apply.

What is Millinery Market Lender’s Protection?

During the rental period, if your rental hat or accessory is stolen, not returned or damaged beyond repair and you are unable to recover the replacement fee from the renter, Millinery Market will cover you for 3 times the weekly rental rate up to the following maximum coverage amount depending on listing currency: AU $200, NZ $200, US $150, €120, £120. This is in addition to the original rental fee that you would have received from the renter.

Example: A renter has lost your AU $60/week rental hat. On your hat listing, you specified ‘Strict’ terms of hire and a retail value of AU $375, so the renter owes you AU $300 (80% of AU $375). The renter refuses to pay the replacement fee. Millinery Market will pay you AU $180 (3 x AU $60/wk) and you would have already received the original AU $60 rental booking, so in total you will recover AU $240 of the AU $300 replacement fee.

What’s Covered Under the Lender’s Protection?

The following events are covered:

  • Rental hats and accessories that are stolen or not returned.
  • Rental hats and accessories that have major damage. Major damage is defined as damage that is too bad to be repaired to a standard suitable for use (a write-off), or damage that technically could be repaired, but the cost of repairing the hat is higher than its retail value.

The following events are not covered:

  • Rental hats and accessories that have minor damage. Minor damage is defined as damage that is repairable to a standard suitable for use and where the cost of repairs is less than the item’s retail value. Refer to this knowledge article for guidance on what to do if you item has minor damage.
  • Parcels lost or damaged in transit. Users are encouraged to get postal insurance coverage when posting an item.
  • Any transaction where the payment and/or communication has occurred outside of the Millinery Market platform.

How Do I Apply for Lender’s Protection?

Before applying for Lender’s Protection, please contact the renter directly:

  • If your item hasn’t been returned by the expected date, ask them to confirm they have sent it and ask for a tracking number so you can see where the parcel is.
  • If your item has major damage, take photos of the damage and ask if they know how it happened. Kindly request payment of the major damage / replacement fee as agreed to in the listing’s ‘Terms of Hire’.

If you don’t receive a response from the renter within 72 hours, or you are unable to reach an agreement, please send an email to with details about the incident along with any relevant photos.

We will then review the information provided and try to resolve the issue. If we are unable to recover the replacement fee from the renter and we approve your claim, we will make payment via bank transfer. If the claim is for an item that has major damage (a write-off), we reserve the right to take ownership of the damaged item, and may request you to post the item to us (Millinery Market will cover the postage cost).

Depending on the situation we may ban the offending user from the platform and report the incident to the relevant authorities to prevent a similar incident from occurring to other members of the community.


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