Millinery Market – How to Find a Hat Based on Location

Imagine this. It’s Wednesday night and you still haven’t got a hat organised for your race event on Saturday. You’ve left it to the last minute and now you’re stressing because there isn’t enough time to have one posted in the mail.

In these last minute situations, finding a hat that is located close to you that you can drive to pick up can be a life saver. It also means you can save money on shipping and return postage costs (bonus!).

There are 2 ways to find a hat based on location. Let’s have a look at each method…

Method 1 ) Search Using the Map View

From the homepage, click on the button that says ‘Map’.

millinery market

Now all the hat listings will be displayed on a map rather than in a grid. You can still use the filters even in map view, it will just hide hat listings that don’t meet your filter criteria.

hat listings millinery market

Let’s say you live in Melbourne and want to see hat listings close to where you live. Zoom into the city by using your mouse scroll or clicking the ‘+’ sign in the bottom right corner of the map.