Millinery Market – How to Apply for a Milliner Badge

What is a Milliner Badge and What are the Benefits?

Milliner badges help highlight hat listings by verified milliners.

There are two types of badges; a milliner badge and a top rated milliner badge. Milliners earn the top rated milliner badge once they have 5 or more reviews with an average review rating of 4.5 stars or higher.

millinery market top rated seller

Customers can filter hat listings by milliners if they’d prefer to rely on the services of a professional milliner.

hat listings by milliners

Another benefit of having a milliner badge is that you receive a 30% discount on the Millinery Market service fee. The higher service fees for non-milliner listings are used to subsidise milliner listings. Check out the ‘How it Works‘ page for the service fees.

What is the Criteria for Getting a Milliner Badge?

To be eligible for a milliner badge, you need to:

  • Run your own millinery business.
  • Provide details (website URL, store location) on where you sell your hats.
  • Set your Millinery Market display name to your trading name (refer edit profile knowledge article for instructions).
  • Upload a profile image and complete the ‘About you’ profile description (refer edit profile knowledge article for instructions).

If you meet the above requirements, please email and we will apply the milliner badge to your account.


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