Millinery Market – The Importance of User Reviews

Reviews and ratings are an important part of Millinery Market, as it helps to build trust between users:

  • Customers need to trust that the owner will deliver the hat on time for their race day, and that the delivered hat will match the photos and description on the hat listing.
  • Lenders need to trust that the renter will take care of their hat and return it on time without damage.

Review ratings show you that other people had a good experience.

For example, imagine you’re thinking about buying a hat from Claire Hahn, a top rated milliner. A quick scan of Claire’s reviews indicates she makes beautiful pieces and provides great service. You’ll feel more comfortable ordering a hat from Claire than from another user with fewer reviews.

How do Reviews Work?

After the customer marks the order as complete, both users will receive an email similar to below prompting them to provide feedback.

Millinery Market peer review

When you click on the ‘Give feedback to Clair’ button, it takes you to the following page where you can enter a freeform text review and select a star rating. The review is then publicly visible on the user’s profile page.