COLOUR is very important when choosing an outfit to turn heads.

And with the Spring Racing season fast approaching, you’ll need to do some homework. Fast.

Here are some of my best colour selecting tips:

Use Pantone to Help Choose Your Colours

Why Pantone? Pantone itself claims to be ‘the world- renowned authority on colour and provider of colour systems’ and I can’t dispute it. They know what they’re doing, so if you don’t – check them out.

This page will show you Pantone’s pick for Spring Colours and, personally, I am totally loving this year’s picks. Right now I’m really into blues and oranges.

Click through each of the colours shown at the top and they’ll show you how to match them and which prints they would suit.

I LOVE an aquamarine base with colourful prints on top.

Fashion Colour Trends Spring

Pantone 14-4313 Aquarmarine. Source: Pantone.

Who can resist some fresh strawberry Ice?

Fashion Colour Spring Trends

Pantone 16-1720 Strawberry Ice. Source: Pantone.

Dressing for Autumn/Winter? Pantone has you covered for that too. And while you are at it, check out my complete guide for how to dress for the winter races.

Pantone winter colour chart

Pantone shows some popular winter tones.

Mix a couple of these colours into your palette for gorgeous race day looks. Choose a dress with a few different colours or add colour through accessorising.

Get Colour Inspo from Fashion Websites

Have a search through different fashion websites such as Vogue or Myer, particularly the designer sections. You can usually pick up on a theme of a few colours which run through the collections.

It’s also a fantastic way to get ideas on what colours and tones work well together.

Some designers I’ve looked at for colour inspo are:

You can visit their websites or do a google image search as shown below.

Racing fashion colour trends

Burberry Spring 2015 Image Search.

Follow your Favourite Fashionistas on Social Media

People-watching on social media is also a fantastic source for ideas.

Street style bloggers can be seen pairing an array of different colours (and styles for you to carry on through to your own wardrobes).

Fashionistas usually pick up on in-season colours and use them in their own wardrobes and style posts, as well as posting a collection of their favourite looks from different designers’ collections.

One fabulous source not to forget about is Racing Fashion Blogger’s Instagrams. They post photos from race days all around the country providing useful inspo.

Don’t forget to follow all your favourite brands and celebrities too (Kendal & Kylie Jenner, GiGi Hadid, etc) because it is much easier to have photos come up in your newsfeed than constantly doing web searches.

Style Bloggers:

Racing Fashion Bloggers:

Fashion inspiration

Style Blogger Instagram Photos. Source: Anna Dello Russo.

Another good way to stay up to date is to join the Field Fashion Community Facebook Group where we often chat about the latest colours and trends.

Window Shop to see what Colours are in Season

If you aren’t all that web savvy don’t fret! One simple way of knowing what colours are in season is to head to your local shopping centre and window shop (any excuse to shop right?!)

Go into a bunch of different shops and you should notice a colour pattern – varied hues of yellows, bright colours, pastels, florals, etc.

Shops need to keep on trend with what’s going on in the design world and even the cheaper stores will try to keep up to date.

Stay on top of the fashion scene, know the current trends and choose your colours wisely. Doing some pre-race homework is essential if you want to look fresh and fabulous on the big day!


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