As a way of getting to know my readers, I ask e-mail subscribers a series of questions and I’ve noticed a pattern.

When asked, “What do you struggle with most when it comes to racing fashion?’”

How do I dress a curvy, fuller figure?” hits my inbox A LOT!

So, this blog is dedicated to all the non-stick-thin-waif-like-model types out there who have trouble finding beautiful, flattering race wear.

Thank you to all the plus sized women from the Field Fashion Community who provided valuable input on this one, together we are going to help you look your curvalicious best at your next race event!

First, let’s look at shapes and styles.

Fabrications and Silhouettes for Larger Sizes

If you are a plus size woman, the most important lesson is to not be afraid of figure fitting clothing. Curves are in (Thanks Kim, Khloe and all the other sisters). There’s no need to hide your body, and covering up with a boxy shape is unflattering anyway.

Dahyna Heenan wearing pink racewear

Image credit: Dahyna Heenan

Try choosing a thicker fabric with some stretch in it. These fabrics will mould to your body and hug you in the right places. Even scuba fabric is fast becoming a favoured option among many.

Fit and flare shapes are also widely popular, as a lot of curvy women have an hourglass figure. Use a belt to accentuate your waist.

fit and flare dress

Image credit: Emily Walsh (left), Dahyna Heenan (right)

If you are pear shaped, you can opt for skirts and tops that define the waist. A skirt that has a thick waist band, or large pleats, looks great too.

Ruching is flattering, as well as dresses that drape over the waist.

Emily Walsh wearing racewear dresses

Image credit: Emily Walsh

Plus Size Dressing Tips

  • Don’t be scared to try new things. I hadn’t worn a full dress to the races before this year- now I love them!
  • Feel comfortable. This is of utmost importance to enjoying yourself. Don’t put fashion before comfort, or you’ll have a bad day.
  • Shop for your shape. Sifting through a bunch of size 8 lycra numbers is not going to make you feel good. Know what suits your shape and enjoy the shopping experience.
  • Show off your best feature. Focus on what you like most about your body and accentuate it.
  • Work with your height. Don’t choose a length that cuts you off at the wrong point.
Klara Coates wearing blue racewear dress

Image credit: @racingsavvy

Dressing for Your Body and Staying on Trend

When dressing a curvier figure, being comfortable is important, however, part of the judging criteria in a FOTF event is the element of fashion. If you’re going to enter the competition, you need to