Recently, my brother asked me to make pocket squares for him and his five groomsmen for his wedding. As it was already costing a fortune, we wanted to save money where possible.

I got to work googling and it turns out… pocket squares are very easy to make! You can make a pocket square in less than 30 minutes.

Think about the possibilities ladies… you can have your man at the races with a perfectly matched fabric pocket square to your race ensemble. The perfect match.

Heck, you might even want to enter the couple’s category!

Best Dressed Couple Fashions on the Field Pocket Square

Perfectly matched green pocket square – Best Dressed Couple – Dubai World Cup 2011. Source: Emirates 247. Photo by Ashok Verma.

All you need is 6 items:

  1. Fabric- depending on how many you want to make. The size I used is 14x 14 inches. Anywhere between 11×11 and 17×17 inches is acceptable, but it’s usually recommended to stay on the larger side.
  2. Fabric scissors
  3. Ruler or measuring tape (some large cardboard if you choose to make a stencil first)
  4. Erasable marking pen or tailors chalk
  5. Iron
  6. Sewing machine

Follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Measure out the square

First, I cut out an old cardboard shopping bag to get a template as I was making 5 pocket squares.

I found it was much easier to trace around the outside of the template rather than trying to measure the fabric.

If you are only making the one, and are handy with a ruler or measuring tape, go ahead and measure onto the fabric. The measurement I used is 14 x 14 inches.

measure mark pocket square fabric

Step 2: Cut out the pocket square

Use sharp scissors and cut around the edge of your stencil.

Cut Scissors pocket square fabric stencil

Step 3: Iron down the edges

Measure a 1cm border around the edges, fold them down, then iron.

Make a second fold and iron it again to hide the frayed edges of the fabric. Do this for all four sides.

fold iron down edges of pocket square

Iron edges of pocket square

how to make pocket square mens races

Step 4: Sew the edges

With your sewing machine, stitch around all four edges in a neat line.

Sew pocket squares mens fashion

Step 5: Admire your handy work

Brag to your partner about how good they will look at the race event!