With spring racing season fast approaching and many race days ahead, I thought it was a good time to put together a list of race day hacks that will make your day run that little bit smoother.

Whether you are entering FOTF or prepping for a fun day out at the races, this is definitively a must read.

Thanks to the amazing Field Fashion Community for sharing their favourite race day hacks from tips on what to pack, how to combat sore feet, getting the perfect tan to makeup tips that will have you looking in tact morning to night!

Which of these 104 hacks are your favourite? I’ve highlighted my favourites in pink.

Pre Race Day Preparation

It’s a good idea to start prepping early for any race day. Follow these race day hacks to avoid forgetting anything important on the day and having to do a mad dash to the shops.

1. Lists lists lists! Start a list of things to take a week before and leave it on your fridge, then add things you think of throughout the week when you think of them. Foolproof. – Rebecca Keeley

2. Start taking anti inflammatory pills a couple of days before your race day. It helps with sore knees and feet and prevents your feet from swelling too much. – Sharon Lee Smith

3. Friday night while the fake tan and the nail polish is drying, get out that form guide and start picking winners. When you arrive on course put all those bets straight on. Nothing worse than being stuck at FOTF and missing a race, and nothing more attractive than an impeccably dressed woman gambling like an expert. Plus, you could make some $$. –Breanna Davies

4. Have everything ready the night before on your bed/couch so it’s all in front of you in the morning when you are getting dressed.‬ – Tatiana Hoffmann (This also ensures you don’t forget anything the morning of- like earrings or brooches etc)
clothes laid out on bed

5. Since leaving my headpiece at home 100kms away from a race meet last year (I usually get changed when I get there if it’s in the country), I always account for dress – millinery – clutch and heels before I leave home! –Peta MB
** I can account for the importance of this! I once drove to a race meet an hour away in a comfy dress as I couldn’t sit down properly in my outfit and half way there I realized I’d left my dress all the way back home on my front lawn and I was so worried my free range chickens would have pooped on it by the time I arrived home to collect it.

6. Always remember to take your allergy tablets early enough so they have time to kick in. Nothing worse than forgetting and ruining your makeup with watery eyes and a runny nose. – Rachel Woolaston

Before You Leave

7. If you are a sweaty betty, put on roll-on deodorant and wait till it dries, then put ‘no white mark’ spray over the top. Nothing gets through that duo. – Bethany Braj

8. Have a hydrolyte as you get ready for the races to prepare for a long day in the sun and drinking champagne! – Tiffany Newcombe

orange hydration sports drink tip

9. 15 minutes before I leave the house I take 2 Nurofen, sit down with my feet sitting on ice packs and have a last look at the form. Then put shoes on as I’m leaving. – Kylie King

Getting there

10. Order a maxi taxi or make sure you have a lift with a high ceiling car so it fits your hat. This is especially important if you get your hair done with your millinery worked into it and can’t remove it for the car ride. Always make sure you get there early so you don’t have to run or worry about traffic. – Dee McIntyre

11. If it is a big racecourse, have a look at the map to work out which is the best entrance to get dropped off at- will save your feet from a long walk. – Milano Imai

race course track map

12. Borrow your children’s straw Sippy cup for when you’re travelling to the races so you don’t ruin your lipstick (*Or have any spills onto your outfit) – Katie McCann

Fake Tan