With spring racing season fast approaching and many race days ahead, I thought it was a good time to put together a list of race day hacks that will make your day run that little bit smoother.

Whether you are entering FOTF or prepping for a fun day out at the races, this is definitively a must read.

Thanks to the amazing Field Fashion Community for sharing their favourite race day hacks from tips on what to pack, how to combat sore feet, getting the perfect tan to makeup tips that will have you looking in tact morning to night!

Which of these 104 hacks are your favourite? I’ve highlighted my favourites in pink.

Pre Race Day Preparation

It’s a good idea to start prepping early for any race day. Follow these race day hacks to avoid forgetting anything important on the day and having to do a mad dash to the shops.

1. Lists lists lists! Start a list of things to take a week before and leave it on your fridge, then add things you think of throughout the week when you think of them. Foolproof. – Rebecca Keeley

2. Start taking anti inflammatory pills a couple of days before your race day. It helps with sore knees and feet and prevents your feet from swelling too much. – Sharon Lee Smith

3. Friday night while the fake tan and the nail polish is drying, get out that form guide and start picking winners. When you arrive on course put all those bets straight on. Nothing worse than being stuck at FOTF and missing a race, and nothing more attractive than an impeccably dressed woman gambling like an expert. Plus, you could make some $$. –Breanna Davies

4. Have everything ready the night before on your bed/couch so it’s all in front of you in the morning when you are getting dressed.‬ – Tatiana Hoffmann (This also ensures you don’t forget anything the morning of- like earrings or brooches etc)
clothes laid out on bed

5. Since leaving my headpiece at home 100kms away from a race meet last year (I usually get changed when I get there if it’s in the country), I always account for dress – millinery – clutch and heels before I leave home! –Peta MB
** I can account for the importance of this! I once drove to a race meet an hour away in a comfy dress as I couldn’t sit down properly in my outfit and half way there I realized I’d left my dress all the way back home on my front lawn and I was so worried my free range chickens would have pooped on it by the time I arrived home to collect it.

6. Always remember to take your allergy tablets early enough so they have time to kick in. Nothing worse than forgetting and ruining your makeup with watery eyes and a runny nose. – Rachel Woolaston

Before You Leave

7. If you are a sweaty betty, put on roll-on deodorant and wait till it dries, then put ‘no white mark’ spray over the top. Nothing gets through that duo. – Bethany Braj

8. Have a hydrolyte as you get ready for the races to prepare for a long day in the sun and drinking champagne! – Tiffany Newcombe

orange hydration sports drink tip

9. 15 minutes before I leave the house I take 2 Nurofen, sit down with my feet sitting on ice packs and have a last look at the form. Then put shoes on as I’m leaving. – Kylie King

Getting there

10. Order a maxi taxi or make sure you have a lift with a high ceiling car so it fits your hat. This is especially important if you get your hair done with your millinery worked into it and can’t remove it for the car ride. Always make sure you get there early so you don’t have to run or worry about traffic. – Dee McIntyre

11. If it is a big racecourse, have a look at the map to work out which is the best entrance to get dropped off at- will save your feet from a long walk. – Milano Imai

race course track map

12. Borrow your children’s straw Sippy cup for when you’re travelling to the races so you don’t ruin your lipstick (*Or have any spills onto your outfit) – Katie McCann

Fake Tan

13. If getting a spray tan, ensure you do it 2 days prior to the event. It will be settled into a nice colour and won’t smell as much. – Tracy Press

14. Window cleaner (a good quality one) can take fake tan stains off your skin. – Dimity Vanderpot

15. If you have tanned yourself and feel your hands have gone all yellow and look bad, put a little Domestos on your hands and rub them together, the tan will blend better. You can also use this on your feet and elbows- wherever the tan has grabbed too much. But be careful as this is like a bleach and will remove that tan. – Tracy Press

tip for removing tan

16. When applying Spray on Tan in the can, warm the can first with your hands as the tan will come out of the nozzle more effectively. – Natasha Kapustic

17. Don’t shave your legs after fake tanning; you’ll take the top layer of tan off. Best to shower and shave the night before and put one coat of fake tan on. Then before bed put another one on. You’ll be beautifully bronzed by the morning. – Bethany Braj

18. Tan Physics is the best self tan. Has no smell, isn’t orange, it’s instant, not staining on clothes and best of all I have the most sensitive skin and I am not allergic. No eczema or dermatitis. – Kelly O’Hara
fake tan bottle

19. If applying your own tan, apply a half pump to the back of one hand and then rub the backs of your hands and fingers together. This gives a very even tan, and saves your palms from tell tale tan signs with no need to wash your hands- so the tan on the back of your hands dries evenly. – Chantelle Westlake

20. Spray hairspray on your legs/arms if you’ve used any kind of bronzer or tan and it won’t transfer. – Jo Bovell

Outfit planning

21. My tip is more around outfit decisions. If I have a dress or outfit in mind, and I want to see which headpiece will work the best, I use Snapchat to create stickers and put the outfit together. It’s a great way to piece together ideas! – Amelia Hardaker  *Another great app for this on your phone is Pic Collage.

outfit planning app

Shoes/ Sore Feet

This is the biggest pain of any long day out in heels… getting sore feet!! But I think we may have just combated the problem with the tips below…

22. Spray hairspray onto your feet and into your shoes – let them dry and put them on. The silicone in the hairspray helps prevent your feet getting blisters by letting them glide a bit rather than just rub – I swear by this having done it in both strappy heels and pump heels. – Emma Nic

23. I was given the hot tip of applying Nurofen gel to your feet before you go to the races!! Saves your feet afterwards and it’s amazing!!! No more sore sorry feet. – Brooke Calahorra

24. Skin tone sports strapping tape is much more reliable than Band-Aids! There are different widths to buy for toes / heels etc. or it can be easily ripped to create a specific size. No need to replace Band-Aids during the day- strapping tape will stay all day and night! – Micaela Crompton

25. Heel stoppers are your best friend. I like to paint mine with nail polish to make them match my shoes and stand out less.‬ – Kristen Febey

high heels grass tip

26. Before wearing new shoes, scrub the soles with a metal scrubbing wool or a scorer so that you get traction and don’t slip. – Bethany Braj

27. Heating your shoes with a hairdryer and then popping them on helps stretch leather shoes. Always wear your shoes around the house a few days before the races to make sure they are relatively comfortable. – Amber Williams

28. Before wearing your shoes, fill two zip lock bags with water, put them into your shoes and then put them in the freezer. As the water expands slightly, it will also slightly stretch the shoes which will make them more comfortable as your feet swell from being on them all day. – Renai Warner

freeze shoes with ice bag tip

29. Wet a pair of thick men’s footy socks and wring out excess water. Pop them on and then put on your race day shoes. The mixture of the damp sock but the extra bulk in the shoe stretches and softens the shoe so they are perfectly broken in for race day. – Rachel Martin

30. If you have a wee walk in front of you to the track, wear a $5 pair of jandals (yep I’m a kiwi) aka THONGS and dispose of these when you get there -saves nice heels for sure and is more comfortable. – Pauline Pattullo

31. Rub a candle around the edge of the inside of your shoe. Prevents rubbing and blisters. – Kerry Loose Jones

32. Tape your third and fourth toes together. There’s a nerve between these two toes, and wearing heels puts pressure on this nerve, leading to pain, cramping and sometimes numbness in the ball of your foot. Taping the toes together alleviates the pressure on the nerve, which in turn leaves you pain-free and smiling instead of crampy and hobbling around. – Peta Houghton

33. If wearing closed in shoes, especially pointy ones, buy the Scholl toe sock tubes and cut to size for biggest and smallest toe. The cushioning is amazing‬.‬ – Rachel Martin

toe and finger protector scholl

34. Never underestimate the height of your heels. Not fun walking around the racecourse for hours in uncomfortable heels especially after a glass of champagne or two! – Mette Mosebo

35. For closed in shoes, cotton pads taped to the side of your feet from the start on the day, avoid those blisters. For strappy heels, double sided tape on the straps (if they’re thick enough) so that they don’t slide down. – Emily Beard

36. Cooking grade olive oil rubbed lightly over legs gives them a smooth appearance and healthy sheen. ‬‬-Petra Nolan

37. Vacuum suede shoes to get the dust/ dirt out of them. I wore mine to a country race meet (which is quite dusty). The dust vacuumed out of them really well. Vacuumed on the left vs. dusty. – Lucy Eriksen

cleaning shoes trick

38. Sprinkle talcum powder in your heels, feet slide into shoes a lot easier and your feet tend to stay cooler. – Sharon Lee Smith

39. Take an extra bag with flats so you can walk to and from the venue without damaging your heels or feet on rough ground! – Ali Malcolm


40. Put a silk scarf over your face/ head when pulling a dress/ top on over your head. The scarf protects your clothing from makeup and protects your makeup from being smudged! – Laura Keetz

41. Urban Decay Makeup setting spray. Your makeup won’t move and no need for touch ups. – Jacquie Elisa

urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray

42. Spraying setting spray before putting on make up will stop it going oily. – Emily Boots Cronk

43. After you have defined your eyebrows with powder or pencil, run a cotton tip under your eyebrow line to get sharp definition and then coat your brows with brow gel. Also always do your eyes first before your base, blush and highlighter so you don’t get your eye colours dropping into your base and wrecking your beautiful complexion. – Bethany Braj

44. Clear lip-gloss is great for keeping wispy bits of hair off of your face. – Tamara Ortiz

45. My little trick for avoiding lipstick on your teeth is to rub a little Vaseline or pawpaw on your teeth before applying.‬‬ – Michelle Curry

hack to stop lipstick on teeth

46. Find a good eyelash primer (I use Estee Lauder), it stops your mascara flaking and leaving black spots around your eyes. – Olivia Corcoran O’Neil

47. A great little trick when putting on mascara is to run the bottle under hot water first to avoid clumping. Also if it’s running out you can add a few eye drops to freshen it back up. – Natasha Kapustic

48. HONEY-put a good quality honey on your lips before bedtime, you will wake up with smooth lips that are slightly bigger. (*Smooth lips look better and makes lipstick easier to apply than cracked, dry lips) -Tatiana Hoffmann

spoon of honey hack

49. I keep blotting paper and Mac Studio Fix pressed powder with a fluffy brush in my clutch to keep my face looking fresh and oil free, especially on the warmer spring race days! – Leah Lendich

50. Lipsense lipsticks are so good for the races as you don’t have to worry about it going all over your glass, getting on your teeth or reapplying all day. – Kylie Gale