In this comprehensive guide to race dress shopping, we start by taking a look at what makes a good race dress and then review some of the best places to shop online and in stores.

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The Definition of a Race Dress

This is a hard one to define. Better to start with what a race dress is not.

It’s not a cocktail dress.
It’s not evening wear.
It’s not formal.
It’s certainly not club wear.

It is dressier than resort wear or day wear.

What is a race dress

Perhaps best described as an entire, well-planned, head to toe outfit.

Classy and modest. Classic, with a modern twist.

I did say it was hard to define!

Millinery is a must. Other features, like gloves and accessories, need to be considered too.

And like all fashion, race wear trends are forever changing and evolving, so it’s up to you to keep up to date and inject your own personal style into your outfits.

Guidelines for Choosing a Suitable Race Dress

Race dresses are typically modest.

Start with a longer hem line. The midi length hem is trending heavily at the moment.

Your top half should also be classy, so straps are thicker and feature sleeves are popular. No plunging necklines, so conceal your cleavage and save it for later (!)

When it comes to fabric, steer clear of anything clingy or shimmery. Heavier fabrics with a good fall and drape are favored. Lace is always a popular fabric choice.

what look for racing dress

I do want to mention here, however, that if you are just attending the races for a fun-filled day with the girls without the stress of competing, your outfits can be slightly less conservative.

Myer ambassadors and style icons, like Jen Hawkins, Steph Smith and Rebecca Judd don’t shy away from the odd spaghetti strap. There are still some strapless numbers, or skirts with a high split, or an open back floating around looking gorgeous. Just keep to a modest length.

racewear myer ambassadors

Rebecca Judd (left) shows us how to do elegant and strapless at the races. The modest hemline counteracts the open shoulders and chest. Image credit: Myer Blog, photo by Lucas Dawson photography.


Popular Race Day Dress Shapes

Here are some favourite silhouettes for race dresses:

The Full Skirt

Whether it’s a dress or a skirt, a full skirt is always on trend at the races. The way it falls is a classic look and suits most body shapes.

The skirt can have an abundance of fabric and layers, or a mullet style hem, or panels. It is fun to play around with this shape and every year there are new trends emerging within this style.

buy full skirt race dress

Pencil/Wiggle Dress

An elegant cut, the pencil dress is a popular silhouette for a race wear dress. The fabric is usually the star. Beautiful laces, bold prints and colour blocking are all features of the pencil dress.

shop pencil skirt race dress

When starting out in racing fashion, the full skirt or the pencil skirt would be the best to try out as they are a classic cut, the shape suits most people and they are easily found in stores.

Fishtail Skirt

A fishtail skirt is a fun twist on a pencil dress. The fishtail can be ruffled or layered and be made in a contrasting fabric to the main skirt. It provides a feminine shape and adds interest to an otherwise plain silhouette.

fish tail shape races dress

Image credit: @ontrackontrend (left), @sonliafashion (right)

Modest Necklines

High necklines are usually favored amongst race dresses, but this doesn’t mean you have to be restrict