There is something magical about walking into the races wearing your own design.

Picture it. You’re wearing a dress, fitted perfectly to your body shape. It’s a personalised design, true to your own individual style. A dress made specially, just for you.

A couple of years ago, I started having my racing fashion outfits made. I soon discovered that wearing my own creation made me feel extra special.

Not only do you feel proud (and rather clever) that you have brought your own idea into life; you have complete freedom as to the style of your dress.

And the all-important fabric choice.

Which brings me to this Buying Guide- for race wear fabrics!

So, what will it be for you? Do you choose a flirty delicate silk or a vibrantly printed jacquard? An exotic guipure lace, an intricately embellished mesh or laser cut leather… the possibilities are endless.

race wear fabric guide silk jacquard mesh leather lace guipure

Image credit: @modaoperandi, @elleaus, @decorte_laser

What Race Wear Fabrics are Suitable?

When choosing fabrics for the races it’s best to keep in mind that you want a medium weight fabric that will hold a great shape, as a lot of race wear is structured.

Popular race wear fabrics are cotton, linen, silk, satin, lace, jacquard, embroidered fabrics, wools, velvet and knitted fabrics.

Anything that looks beautiful (and is sew-able) will work!

I have even used upholstery fabric before.

Maticevski used a modern sports mesh in his ever popular ‘Sanctuary Gown’.

Maticevsk sanctuary gown mesh fabric race wear

Image credit: Maticevski Blog

And one very creative entrant, Natalie Zielke, even used a Kmart doona cover as fabric to make her race dress!

race wear fabric pattern from doona cover

Avoid stretchy, thin fabrics for race wear though. You don’t want a dress that clings too tightly to the body.

Creating a WOW Factor

I design my own outfits around the WOW factor. You can create WOW through the design of your outfit, or through fabric choice. Colours, pattern, texture, or the way you mix them together.

Ashleigh Robson and Chloe Moo both caught the judges attention in their eye catching fabric prints and bold colours.

The wow factor in Gracyn’s outfit is not just the beautiful silhouette but the print of her skirt fabric. It is the main feature and what makes it stand out.