Update 9th October 2019: Read this blog post for the latest 2019 Spring Racing Fashion Trends


After the hectic Spring Carnival and Melbourne Cup week, whereby I have to plan three outfits, I kind of slip into a FOTF coma. Then Christmas comes and goes, New Year….and suddenly it’s January again and time for Magic Millions.

fashion blogger spring carnival outfits

My Derby Day, Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day outfits.

It takes me a while to rise to the occasion and I am, generally, very disorganised for this event.

So, between my ‘ehhhh we’ll just see what happens’ kinda mood and the fact I’m on an (even stricter) budget, this one wasn’t easy.

In this post I share how I came up with my outfit and then look at some of the emerging trends. Click here if you’d like to jump straight to the 2018 trends.

Choosing the Perfect Dress

I did start planning at the end of December. I trawled through the ASOS sales, in fact, I went through close to 11,000 dresses. And narrowed down my options to just three, which just goes to show how hard it is finding FOTF-worthy dresses.

dress shopping online asos

Side note: When I come across FOTF-worthy dresses, I save them on this page so you can benefit from my hours of trawling.

I chose the one on the right. What I liked most about this dress was, it was $32, discounted from $191.

Secondly, I liked the print and fabric. I’m a sucker for texture and sheer panels and the midi length is my favourite. I thought I could definitely work with this dress. I had black and red millinery options at home.

sheer panels race dress trend

I paid an additional $6 for express shipping and it arrived 3 days later.

Although I selected the XS, it was a big fit and didn’t work on my body. Now, my sewing skills are minimal, but I didn’t let that deter me and set off attempting to take it in.

Here’s what I found; taking in outfits if you don’t mind doing a dodgy job is actually quite easy. Just use the principle of darts, or taking things in at the side seams.

taking in outfit dress

I wore my dress inside out and pinned along each side to fit.

Then I sewed in two darts at the back and took in one side (because there was a zip on the other side and that would be way too hard) and, voila! Good enough!

To Bead or Not to Bead

Next, I thought I would try getting a little fancy. Seeing as I have loads of beads from past projects, I decided to embellish it. The print of the dress made the white areas appear slightly blue, so I decided to work with it.

I spent close to 10 hours beading in some blue beads and black mesh.

black and red dress

blue beads

I then had the idea to make a makeshift undershirt, with collar and sleeves, to make it slightly more conservative. Success. Or so I thought…