I always feel extremely honoured when asked to judge at a race day. I take my role very seriously and try to make sure I look the part. Of course, this provides me with the opportunity (and excuse) to buy that unjustifiably indulgent dress I’ve been eyeing off for ages….

To me, if you are judging, it is of paramount importance to dress up. The effort not only reflects an understanding of racing fashion, but also shows respect to the entrants and the event.

When Rocky Amateurs asked me to come on board their judging panel this year I was thrilled! Country races are a favourite of mine. I love visiting new tracks and seeing all the ladies I would otherwise not have a chance to meet.

My First Online Extravagant Purchase

The most expensive dress I’ve ever purchased online was a little over the $200 mark. Hardly exorbitant in the world of race wear. But, it’s no secret, I’m usually on a budget and only really browse online as a past-time, avoiding ‘shopping carts’ as best as possible.

When I spotted a stunning Solace lavender kimono sleeve dress, I fell in love. I kept going back and staring at it, for weeks, wishing it would somehow magically appear in my wardrobe.

Me, praying to the clothing gods to send me this dress hehe

With my judging gig coming up and a birthday on the horizon, I realised I could no longer live without it. Luckily, my family members collected some funds and I was able to buy the dress as my birthday present. Not only was it perfect for my judging gig, but also for two more events this year. Justified.

My beautiful dress arrived within two days and it was perfect. I hung it up in my room and looked at it everyday, trying it on every chance I got!

A Hat Collaboration with Two Talented Milliners

I love to have a hand in my outfits, whether it be the design of the dress, or the millinery. Not having quite mastered the art of making hat bases yet, I contacted my friend Caren Lee Millinery to make me a button base, which I could decorate and embellish myself.

With the time constraints (I do everything last minute) and the dress a hard colour to match, Caren made me a base in light pink leather, which I could spray paint to be the right colour.

Thinking of ways to spice up my hat, I contacted Lynn from Love Lotus, whose stunning flower work I admire. I asked her if she could make me some iridescent or clear purple flowers to add to my hat base.

Luckily, she had just the right purple and set to work on them right away.

I also loved the look of Lynn’s flowers for my hat as the pleats in the petals matched the lines in my dress fabric. Image: @lovelotus

The flowers arrived and they were STUNNING, just what I was after!

Image: @lovelotus

My spray paint arrived soon after and I got to work.

My dog always features in my blog and I didn’t want my cat to feel left out so here we are…

I sprayed the hat base with two different colour purples to get a similar match. Admittedly, the shade wasn’t quite right, but it would have to do.