A favourite trick I often use on my race day outfits, is to stack necklaces and sew them onto my outfit.

Stacking necklaces is a great way to mix colours, textures and features, or just to create a bigger necklace if the outfit needs balancing.

It works wonders on a plain dress, where one necklace just isn’t enough. It’s also handy when you can’t find a necklace with all the colours you want in it!

Jewellery accessories racewear fashion design

How much is too much?

The necklace should complement your outfit, not distract from it.

Not every outfit will require stacked necklaces and sometimes one is enough. Don’t go crazy just because the idea of stacking and sewing sounds like fun!

In some cases you may find a necklace doesn’t suit the neckline at all. This was the case with my Magic Millions outfit and I decided to get creative and bead a necklace collar which you can see in this video.

Tips for finding your perfect necklaces

First, try on your dress and decide what colours you want to highlight. Take a photo of yourself with the dress on, and a close-up of the neckline to refer later.

If you can, take the outfit with you when you shop. You really need to try it to see the overall image and how the accessories harmonize with, and balance out your outfit.

With the colours you have in mind, try on a couple of necklaces you like.

Usually I choose a bigger sized one and then stack it with something that hangs just below the other necklace or slightly lower. But, there are no rules here.

Have fun and try a bunch of different combos to get an idea of what suits your outfit. You’ll be surprised at what combinations do.

Orange Black Bead Fashions on the field

orange gold chunky spring racing jewellery

Multiple necklace jewellery racewear

Buy on sale and build up a stash

Every time an accessory store has a sale, I buy pieces I like for future outfits. I have quite a substantial collection now, and it hasn’t cost me a fortune.

There have been many last minute FOTF outfits that needed accessorising and I was glad to have a stash at home to play with.

Sick of your Necklace not Staying in Place?

Necklace clasps and chains can look messy and tacky. I like to sew them onto my outfit if I can because it stops them from moving out of place.

To do this, sit in front of a mirror and pin the necklaces where you want them to sit, making any adjustments as you go.

Using either clear thread, or the same colour thread as your necklace, sew it in place- you only need to do a few stitches here and there along the necklace to secure it.

sew secure race dress jewellery

Sewing diy homemade fashion design

teal paradise dress sew fashions on the field

The clasp of the necklace sometimes has a little chain, sew it so the end goes under the garment- this way you can unpick the necklace and wear it again later.

Otherwise cut off the excess chain and secure the ends in place with thread.

necklace chain hide orange gold spring racing

Personalize your Necklace

My last necklace tip is that if you can’t find the right colour necklace to match your outfit- paint it! I use acrylic paint, mixing a few different colours until I get an exact match.

Below is a photo of an orange necklace that was a tad brighter than the orange in my outfit, so I painted over the top of it with a rustier orange.

You’ll notice I also added in some black beads too. Because I can’t help myself.

paint orange black bead fotf racewear

Back of necklace racing fashion


Getting creative with your race day outfits and accessories can be a lot of fun.

And besides being a creative outlet, the effort will reward you with that perfectly complementary piece no-one will ever find in a shop!


What styles or brands of necklaces do you like to wear to race days? Let us know in the Field Fashion Community Facebook Group.


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