Hi. My name is Milano Imai and I am a shopaholic. With slight hoarder tendencies.

There. I openly admit my addiction.

There are no two ways about it. I LOVE to shop. I have been known to say, ‘Clothes are like a stamp collection and your wardrobe is the folder. Collect them all.’

shopping for clothes

I buy clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, hats. Anything pretty, shiny, soft, silky, florally, lacey, leathery, sequined, coloured, monochrome, bedazzled… I pretty much like anything and everything.

It’s not like I’m totally living beyond my means. I just prefer to spend my money on stuff. If I chose to, I could be driving around in a really nice Mercedes, but instead I choose to drive around in a super old ugly car that sometimes gets parked two blocks away so no one sees me in it. Haha.

But with so much stuff, it’s hard to even know what I have.

So why do a closet cleanout?

Cleaning out your closet clutter makes you feel good. Something about being neat and organised just gives you a warm, happy feeling inside.

I used to hate going to my wardrobe that was stuffed to the brim. It would take me forever to find what I was looking for, I’d get frustrated when I couldn’t hang the clothes back in there and this resulted in my room being a constant mess with everything left all over the floor.

messy room clothes pile

So why clean out your closet?

  • You can see exactly what you have.
  • The pieces you are left with are your favourite pieces. You love wearing them.
  • Keeping it tidy is much easier with less stuff.
  • You can make faster outfit decisions.

They say you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. Totally true for me. I’ve worn my favourite dress 3 times this week already!

The 7 Step Clearing Out Process

Now I live the rule that twice a year I go through my wardrobe. I’m talking about the whole 8 double door choc-a-block lot. Here’s how I do it.

organisation of closet bedroom

clothes dresses skirts tops accessories shoes

This is my closet. As you can see I’ve got a lot of stuff.

A little note here: Before you decide to partake in the wardrobe cleanse- decide if you would like to purchase new hangers for when you put all your clothes back into your wardrobe. Buy them and have them ready to go. Having all matching ones makes it easier to fit more in, and also looks way better than having 50 different plastic and wooden hangers.

closet cleanse getting organised

Image credit: containerstore.com

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on hangers, just choose hangers that are thin. Check out E-bay or Bunnings, Gumtree etc. I once bought 500 wooden hangers from a lady on Facebook for $100! And yes, I use all 500. (see above-mentioned addiction admission)

coathangers for closet cleanout

I bought all these hangers for $100!

Step 1: Empty It

The first step is to pull everything out. But do this in sections.

If you do it all at once you’re left with a huge Mt Everest pile that will cause a mini (or big) anxiety attack. Especially when it’s still there after two days.

Allocate a sec