Free Download: Racing Fashion Outfit Design Guide

Did you know that since 2004 when Myer introduced the National State Finals, 7 out of 12 National Winners had their outfits custom made or made themselves? 

Having a custom made dress not only ensures originality, but it’s so rewarding to see your vision come to life. In this 12 step guide I show you how to turn an outfit idea into a competition winning design. You’ll also receive exclusive weekly fashion tips to help you stand out at your next race day.

Image of Milano showing the design guide

What’s Inside: 

  • Finding a dressmaker and the initial consultation
  • Everything you need to know about sourcing fabrics
  • What to expect at the initial and final dress fittings
  • Choosing the perfect millinery to complement your dress
  • Finding the right shoes, bag and accessories
  • The finishing touches – embellishing your dress
  • A real life example of how I made my winning Tattersall dress
Outfit Design Guide Racing Fashion

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