Hi, I’m Milano,

Let’s explore the world of racing fashion. 

I’ll show you how to create your perfect race day outfit so you can look great at your next race event.

To get started, scroll down the page to see the resources that will help you on your way. 

14 Day Field Fashion Style Challenge

Grab the style challenge and practice racing fashion in your everyday life using your existing wardrobe.

style trends

Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report

Download the trends report so you know what styles, shapes and colours are trending.


From Outfit Idea to Winning Sash

Read this 12 step guide to learn how to turn an outfit idea into a competition winning design.


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Having some race friends who enjoy the mayhem and exhilaration of FOTF is a must.

I started the Field Fashion Community Facebook Group in 2016 to help ladies connect with other like minded women. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the largest and most active racing fashion groups on Facebook.

It’s a place where we can post photos of the outfits we are working on, share tips and tricks, ask for feedback/advice, discuss latest fashion trends and share our success stories. 

Reasons to Join:

  • Ask for outfit advice
  • Meet new race friends
  • Talk racing fashion
  • Have fun

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