For the first time in the history of the Myer National Fashions on the Field competition, a pantsuit has taken out the National Title! And it wasn’t just any pantsuit, but a rich purple linen pant suit, featuring wide legs and orange binding. Magnificently designed and made by one very creative FOTF entrant.

Christine Spielmann from Darwin is no stranger to FOTF. Over her 11 year career she has won multiple sashes and created some killer looks! She has a great eye for detail and her style can best be described as ‘angular, architectural with a nod to vintage inspired looks from the 60’s and 70’s’.

Chrissy’s other entries into the “Fashions on Your Front Lawn’ competition.

Image credit: @wendellt Wendell Teodoro (right)

Image credit: @peacockmillinery @mediaidem

Chrissy has started her own luxury leather accessory brand, ‘Requiem Trend‘. She incorporated this beautifully into her winning outfit, with a handmade brown leather belt and hat band. 

Chrissy’s brand @requiemtrend, Chrissy’s winning purple hat.

Chrissy was kind enough to have a chat with us about the making of her winning outfit and what it was like to win the National Title, virtual style.

Where did you find inspiration for your outfit?

My inspiration was pulled from a few different sources. Firstly, I have always loved Yves Saint Laurent’s 60’s and 70’s safari suits. I started by googling images and fell in love with one in particular of ‘Verushka’ –  the German royal who was a supermodel back then. The image of her in a tie front safari dress was extremely captivating, her attitude was definitely the vibe I was going for – despite my pantsuit turning out rather different.

I grew up riding horses and have great nostalgia for the hacking attire and saddlery. The dress code asks for tailored jackets and the finest leather saddlery, leaving me with an expensive taste in leather goods from a very young age. I often think there are great similarities to hacking and FOTF competitions.