Six Milliners Share their Experience using Millinery Market

In June 2017, I created Millinery Market, a marketplace designed to make beautiful, handcrafted millinery accessible to everyday race goers while providing a platform for milliners to showcase their work to a wider audience. Today the site boasts over 1,000 hat listings, and thousands of race goers come to the site every month in search [...]

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A Look at Some of the Fantastic Prizes you can Win at the Races

I am completely relaxed right now. I’m sitting in a resort in Vanuatu overlooking crystal blue waters on a warm, sunny day. No wonder I’m suffering writer’s block! It’s no easy feat coming up with a new and interesting blog post on racing fashion every fortnight. But, as I’ve just realised, this holiday I am [...]

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2018 Myer FOTF State Finalists | The Story Behind Their Winning Outfits

October was a jam-packed month for Fashions on the Field, with five of the state finals held around the country. For the first time ever, the state finals introduced an innovative new way to enter; digital format via a photo competition! The 2018 winners have now been announced for New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, [...]

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Learn How to Pose for the Myer FOTF State Final Photo Competitions

Times are changing, and so are the traditional Fashions on the Field competitions. For years FOTF was hosted at race tracks around the country with entrants showing off their creations and styling on a catwalk, twirling and smiling trying to catch the judge’s eye. Now with the rise of the photo competition, it’s more important [...]

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New Zealand FOTF Final | My NZ Adventure Judging Viva Prix de Fashion

My first international race day! I was asked to judge the Derby Day and Viva Prix de Fashion FOTF competitions held at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland, New Zealand. What a privilege! Now, we all know I am a junky and have attended many race day events. Last year I managed to see my first [...]

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The Woman Behind the Sash | 2014 National Winner Brodie Worrell

This week we’re interviewing our 2014 national winner, Bodie Worrell, and hearing about her life both on and off the track! If you missed the interview with our 2016 national winner Courtney Moore, I recommend going back and reading that post first to really appreciate the significance of being crowned the national winner. You can [...]

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An Insider’s View on Judging a Fashions on the Field Competition

They sit at a fancy table, front row to all the glitz and glamour, surrounded by beautiful bouquets of flowers and served with flowing champagne and hors d’oeuvres. The judging panel. Recently, I was lucky enough to be given the honour of being seated at this table. Being able to critique and partake in [...]

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2016 Millinery Winners Inspired by Cathedral Windows & Christmas Wreaths

The Myer Millinery Awards, held on Crown Oaks Day during Spring Carnival, is undoubtedly the most prestigious millinery competition in Australia. It is an invite only competition (although you can submit an application to be considered) that was introduced by the Victorian Racing Club in 2005. Each year upwards of 50 milliners are invited to [...]

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The Woman Behind the Sash | 2015 National Winner Emily Hunter

This week we're interviewing our 2015 national winner, Emily Hunter, and hearing about her life both on and off the track! This is the second interview in a three part series profiling our past three national winners. If you missed the first interview with our 2016 national winner Courtney Moore, I recommend going back and reading that post first to [...]

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The Woman Behind the Sash | 2016 National Winner Courtney Moore

The National Myer FOTF Competition is the Golden Globes of the racing world. And I daydream about winning it. A lot. It’s not just because I drive around in a beat up old Toyota and would much prefer to be zooming around in a shiny, black Lexus iSport (although I can picture that quite easily). [...]

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