Deciding what colours to pair together in your outfit can be tricky. With so many potential colour combinations to choose from, where do you even start?

To help make the decision a little less overwhelming, I’ve pulled together an index of popular colour combinations that you can browse for inspiration. These are tried and tested combinations, worn successfully to the races (as you’ll see in the 71 photos below!)

Most colours can be paired together, provided they are of the right shade. For tips on choosing your own outfit colours, check out this blog post.

Base Colour #1 – Pink

Let’s start with the favourite; pink! We’ve all been enjoying the popular pink and red combo, but recently we have seen some lovely teal and pink, and maroon and pink combinations for Autumn/Winter.

popular racewear colours

Pink & Red. Image credit: @perfectscentswithlaura, @wacountrycups, Mary Ann

What about a little pink and orange?

popular colour for race dresses

Pink & Orange. Image credit: @sally_martindhu (1&2), @Kerrie Carucci, @style_by_annalucky

A new favourite we have seen popping up is pink and teal.

pink green colour combo

Pink & Teal. Image credit: best_dressed_accessories client Nicole (left), suzieq249 (centre), juliawatson_zarbella photo of @birdeehair_boutique (right).

Base Colour #2 – Blue

Blue is always a popular colour at the races and there are so many fabulous shades of blue, from powder blue to rich navy blues.

Some fun combinations seen lately are blue and khaki, blue with red, and blue and maroon.

blue and green combination

Blue & Khaki. Image credit: @wacountrycups photo of Natalie Alman (left), @leahelle (right).

racewear colors

Blue & Red. Image credit: @wendellt image of @style_by_annalucky, @itsannabeldavy

colour compliments

Blue & Red. Image credit:@alicebright__, @naynay1075, @demimondestyle.

Totally loving blue and maroon this season!

blue and red colour combinations for races

Blue & Maroon. Image credit: @klealee, @trackfillies.

Blue and orange also works.

blue and yellow dress

Blue & Orange. Image credit: @ashajanex

Another popular combo is a monochromatic look made up of different shades of blue.

all one colour

Monochromatic Blue. Image credit: Katie McCann, @lindsay.j.ridings, reg_t

Base Colour #3 – Orange

Orange is such a fun colour to wear and perfect for Spring! I personally love to pair orange with other rich tones like navy blue and forest green.

colour combinations

Orange & Blue. Image credit: @wendellt photo of @Lindsay.j.ridings (left), @milanoimai (centre), @r_a_c_h_a_91 (right).

Orange and teal is a beautiful combination to try especially if your orange is in a burnt orange shade.

orange and green outfit

Orange & Teal. Image credit: Janet Bramham

Base Colour #4 – Yellow

Nothing brightens a mood like bright yellow! Yellow also looks great with blue- of all shades, from light to dark. It looks great with pink too, but my personal favourite would have to be yellow and purple!

bright racewear colours

Yellow & Blue. Image credit: @trottingham_clan13, @lisamarch1, @courtonamission, @shynade_

popular colours for race day

Yellow & Pink. Image credit: Jo Bovell, @juliawatson_zarbella, @crazyteapot

coloured accessories bright

Yellow & Purple. Image credit: @richshawphoto of @Becb_

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Base Colour #5 – Red

What better way to stand out than in a red dress! A favourite combo of mine is red and blue, especially baby blue. Red also looks great with purple accents and maroon.

vibrant colour combination

Red & Blue. Image credit: @leahelle, @itsannabeldav, @thequeenofhatsbrisbane photo of @style_by_annalucky, Angela Menz @ontrackontrend

colour combo

Red & Purple. Image credit: Kelly Hill

How great does red and maroon look together?

colourful race day outfits

Red & Maroon. Image credit: Sally Martin

Base Colour #6 – Green

Green was quite popular at the track last year and has carried over to this year, so I’m sure it’ll be a big hit this Autumn/ Winter Racing Carnival. Green pairs nicely with pinks, red and blue.

race dresses colourful

Green & Pink. Image credit: @lisamarch1, @wendellt photo of Kate Waterhouse, @cnl_designs