It’s been two and a half years since I started my fashion blog. Although, I don’t think blog is the right word for it.

To me, it’s a whole lot more than just a place I go to write my thoughts on racing fashion. It’s a community, a place to connect with other racing fashion enthusiasts and help those who are just getting started.

field fashion community

So, today I thought I’d just stop and reflect for a while. Share the ups and downs. Give you all an insight into what it’s like to dedicate your time to running a fashion blog. And how it’s changed my life.

Why Did I Start the Blog?

After fours year of entering Fashions on the Field competitions and engaging in conversations with other enthusiasts about our shared passion for racing fashion, I had the fashion blog idea.

fashions on the field in 2011

My first FOTF all the way back in 2011; where I thought booby tops were fine… and they must have been because I won! haha

I saw it as a great creative outlet for me to express my thoughts, indulge in detailed descriptions of how my outfits come together (with like-minded people) and share tips to newcomers.

I had no idea how involved it would be, or what it would turn into. I still don’t! But it’s a passion I need to pursue. The commitment is like nothing I’ve ever done before, something I dedicate the majority of my week to.

Creating the Website

The whole idea sounded easy enough; make a website, write an article every so often, upload some photos and voila? Racing fashion blogger extraordinaire! Right? I was so, so wrong.

The website launched in September 2015 and took us (and when I say ‘us’ I mean my genius brother who learnt how to do everything himself with the help of Google and YouTube video tutorials) 3 months to get up and running.

We had to think of things like who would host the site, what pages it would feature, what I would write about, what my logo would look like, brand colours, imagery…the list was long.

in progress photo

Some sketches from when I first came up with my logo design.

We each had a white board and used the technique of ‘Scrum’. This is where you break down each big task into smaller tasks and work through them individually so as to not get overwhelmed. I got overwhelmed. It was a hectic three months.

to do list work planning

This is just some of the tasks put into Scrum… the whiteboard was always changing with each new addition to the website.

My First Ever Blog Post

But the site was just the beginning. Now that I had a place to write and share my thoughts… what exactly was I going to share with my readers? I’d never written anything before and English wasn’t exactly my favourite subject at school. My initial goal was to publish a blog post every two weeks.

After brainstorming a list of topics I came to my first blog, ‘The Yays and Neighs of Racing Fashion’.

dos and don'ts of racing fashion

It took me a solid week to write the first draft. It’s not easy. You have to make sure you don’t waffle on, that you provide enough detailed information and keep it interesting.

Good visuals are imperative for a fashion blog, which, even today, is the part I dread the most. It takes up the most amount of time!

I have spent countless hours searching the web, going through (if you’re reading this, chances are I’ve crept through your social media at some point) Instagram and Facebook photos looking for the right picture, or searching google for outfit trends to match the topic I’m talking about.

racing fashion inspiration

I often browse Instagram hashtags to find just the right photo

I can spend forever on just one blog, editing, re-reading, changing my mind, improving, deleting, changing my mind again. And if it’s a topic I’m unfamiliar with, then there’s a lot of research needed too.

Procrastination is my weakness (besides tacos) and when it’s a tricky piece to write, you have to push through. Being out of your comfort zone can be challenging