Millinery Market – How to Edit your User Profile

If you’re planning to rent/buy or lend/sell on Millinery Market, it’s a good idea to fill in your profile including a profile image and description about yourself.

Ask yourself, would you rather lend your precious millinery to someone with a face to their name, who gives you a feel for who they are and where they live and who has plenty of positive reviews? Or would you rather lend to a faceless, anonymous profile? Having a complete profile is the first step to building trust on Millinery Market.

Follow these steps to edit/complete your profile:

Step 1 – After you have logged in to Millinery Market, hover over your initials in the top right corner. Three buttons will appear beneath your initials, which are ‘Inbox’, ‘Profile’ and ‘Settings’. Click on the button that says ‘Profile’.

millinery market

Step 2 – You will then be directed to your profile page. This is what other people will see about you when they click on your name in Millinery Market. Click the ‘Edit profile’ button below your profile image.

Editing your user profile

Step 3 – You will then be directed to the Settings page where you can edit your profile information.

millinery market

Enter your details and then click the ‘Save information’ button.

Here’s some tips for filling out each of the form fields:

  • First name – This should be pre-filled from when you signed up, but if not enter your first name.
  • Last name – This should be pre-filled from when you signed up, but if not enter your last name.
  • Display name – If you are a milliner, set your display name to your business trading name, which is required to get a milliner badge. Otherwise leave it blank.
  • Location – Enter the suburb or city that you live in. For privacy I recommend not putting in your street number and street name. You will be asked to provide your exact street address privately when you rent/buy a hat.
  • Phone number – I highly recommend adding your phone number. This number is only visible to Millinery Market admin. There have been a number of occasions where a seller has missed out on a potential sale as the email notification went to their spam folder. Admin routinely monitor transactions on the site and having your phone number allows admin to send you a text to notify you of a potential sale/rental.
  • Profile picture – Click the ‘Choose File’ button and browse to the profile photo saved on your computer.
    • Choose a photo that shows your face so other users can see who you are.
    • The ideal image ratio is 1:1, for example 600×600 pixels.
    • If the uploaded image ratio is not squared, for example 600×400, the larger part will automatically be cropped around the centre.
    • To crop an image prior to uploading, you can use a free photo cropping site called croppola.
  • About you – people seem to struggle the most when it comes to writing a description about themselves. Including a description about you is really important as it helps build trust with other users looking to transact with you. Here’s some talking points you could include:
    • For race goers:
      • Where you live
      • Your occupation (work, student, mum, etc.)
      • Which race courses you usually attend
      • When you first started getting into racing fashion
      • A description about your style (vintage, modern, DIY, etc.)
      • Your hobbies/interests
    • For milliners:
      • Where you are based
      • How long you have been a milliner for
      • A description about your millinery style
      • Where people can find out more about your business

Here’s an ‘about you’ example template that race goers can adapt and use in their profile:

Hi There!

My name is [First Name] and I live in [City, State]. I work as a [Occupation] where I [description of what you do at work/home]

My local racecourse is [Racecourse name] and I usually attend [number] race meets per year.

I started getting into racing fashion back in [year] and have been hooked ever since. The thing I like about it is the [description of why you like racing fashion]. I’d describe my style as being [general description of your racing style].

Apart from racing fashion, I enjoy [hobby/interest 1], [hobby/interest 2] and [hobby/interest 3]

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, feel free to send me a message.

Chat soon,

[First Name]

Step 4 – Once you hit the ‘Save information’ button, the page will update and you will see a sentence saying ‘Information updated’, indicating that your updated profile information has been successfully saved.

millinery market

Now check your profile page similar to how you did it in Step 1.

millinery market

Your profile should now show your profile image and the about you description. It will also display your hat listings, people you follow, and user reviews that you’ve received from past transactions.

millinery market

And that’s it, you have now successfully completed your Millinery Market profile.


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