Millinery Market – How to Estimate Postage Costs and Delivery Times

There’s two ways to estimate postage costs and delivery times; you can either visit a Post Office in person and get a quote over the counter, or use the Australia Post website (or equivalent NZ, US or UK website). In this article we provide an example of how to estimate postage costs and times and discuss other common questions related to posting your hat.

An Example of How to Estimate Postage Costs and Times

Step 1: Visit Australia Post Postage Calculator site:

Enter the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields and click ‘Go’. In this example we will estimate the cost to post a hat from Bundall, Gold Coast to Perth.

australia post shipping cost

Step 2: Click the ‘Enter size & weight’ link.

millinery shipping cost estimate

Step 3: Enter the length, width, height and weight and click the ‘Set size & weight’ button.

parcel dimensions and weight

Step 4: The estimated parcel post cost is $17.00 with an estimated delivery time of 5-6 business days.