Project Description

This is my Mermaid Dress that I made in TAFE in 2013.
My assessment was to make a garment which had a bustier bodice with boning. I opted for a corset dress which I made from curtain fabric- I love using curtain fabric because it has a good weight to it and sits beautifully as well as being affordable to purchase especially if you require large amounts.
Using the curtain lace I cut out around small oval shapes and hand sewed them individually over each bust cup to give it an interesting texture. I beaded along the bodice with small crystal seed beads and diamantes.

The skirt was a separate piece that had a waist band and 30 cascading tendrils. Each tendril had 8 individually cut out circles that were sewn along the seams.

The skirt took me just over two weeks to complete and now sits on a mannequin in my room that I love looking at.

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