Millinery Market – How to Use Filters to Narrow your Search

If you are searching for something specific on Millinery Market, you can use the filters to narrow down your search to quickly find your perfect hat.

In this knowledge article we will have a look at the different filter options.

Where to Find the Filters

When viewing Millinery Market from a computer, the filters will appear on the left hand side as shown below.

millinery market

When viewing Millinery Market from a mobile phone, you need to click the ‘Filter’ button first to reveal the filter options.

millinery market

Description of the Filter Options

Filter 1 – Listing Type: If you only want to see hats that are for rent, or only hats that are for sale, use this drop down list.

millinery market

Filter 2 – Price: If you have a specific budget in mind, you can use the slide bar to adjust the price range between $0 and $700.

millinery market

Filter 3 – Condition: Use the checkboxes to filter for new or used hats.

new or used millinery market

Filter 4 – Colour:  If you’ve already selected your race dress and want your millinery to follow a certain colour theme, using the colour filter is a great way to quickly find potential options.

millinery market

Filter 5 – Hat Shape: Depending on your dress shape and style, you’ll usually find one or two hat shapes will better complement your dress than others.

millinery market filters

millinery market

Filter 6 – Features / Construction: Filtering based on features can be useful if you want to tie your millinery into a specific feature in your dress. For example, if you have a floral print dress, you might want to look for millinery with a flower feature. Or maybe you’d like a specific hat material to complement the construction of your dress.

millinery market

Filter 7 – Retail Value: The retail value is how much the hat cost when it was bought new. If you only want to see high quality handmade millinery, you might set your minimum retail value to $200.

millinery market

*NEW* Filter 8 – Seller: Although not shown in the above screenshots, as of March 2018 you can now filter for hats listed by milliners if you’d prefer to rely on the services of a professional milliner. A top rated milliner is a milliner who has 5 or more review ratings with an average review rating of 4.5 stars or higher.

filter for milliners hats

Using Multiple Filters at the Same Time

You can use multiple filters at the same time to narrow your search even further.

For example, you could select ‘black’ under the colour filter and ‘percher’ under the hat shape filter, which would show all the black perchers in Millinery Market.

millinery market search

You can also make multiple selections within the same filter group. For example, you could select ‘Red’ and ‘Orange’ under the colour filter. However, be aware that this will only return hats that have both the colours red AND orange in the hat.

millinery market

If you want to see hats with the colours red OR orange, you need to do two separate searches. Notice how many more hats are shown when you only filter for the colour ‘orange’.

millinery market


And that’s it, you now know how to use the filters to find a specific type of hat in Millinery Market! Next you might like to learn how to do a keyword search or find a hat based on location.


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