Update: On September 1st 2017, I published my 2017 Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report, a 41 page comprehensive guide to what’s trending this race season. 

Like fashion, millinery trends come and go. They are constantly evolving.

But it’s harder to pick millinery trends as there are no runway shows, prediction websites or celebs spotted wearing the latest shape of millinery.

So who decides what the next big thing will be?

Recently we’ve seen the Halo, Crowns and Turbans really take off. And most milliners are adding these styles to their new season collections… but who came up with it?

halo crown turban trends hat fascinator

Halo, crown and turban millinery shapes. Image credit: @marshmillinery (left), @lovelotus (centre), @clairehahnnz (right)

From my interviews, Jill Humphries and Rebecca Share gave some clues as to where millinery trends might originate …

Jill Humphries wrote,
“Many milliners will look at shapes from the past and try to predict – the Breton was around last year and an easier streamlined take on this is the halo that gives a similar effect and anyone can make with blocks being available to all. It doesn’t take long for a new trend to be taken on by many – which gives milliners the constant push to be different.”

breton becomes halo millinery trend

Breton evolves into halo. Image credit: John French (left), @madamhat (right)

And Rebecca Share wrote,
“I believe trends begin on the overseas catwalks and are adapted and have an Aussie racing spin placed on them by the time they present at the race track each spring (i.e. Dolce & Gabbana jewel crowns, boater hats, etc.). Big department stores push certain trends and designers, which greatly influence stylists and what is worn by celebs.”

dolce jewel crown evolves to crown millinery

Crowns from the overseas catwalks to the Australian FOTF stage. Image credit: Alessandro Viero | GoRunway (left), @abbyvonduve (right)

So it appears new fascinator trends are created from a combination of adapting old millinery styles while taking inspiration from the wider fashion industry.

An Interview with 4 Milliners about 2017 Millinery Trends

Milliners are artists and sculptors each with their own unique style.

No matter what fascinator style is trending, you can be sure they will put their own signature spin on it, which keeps trends interesting and different even if many milliners are making the same style.

To give us some insight into this year’s trends, I’ve interviewed 4 influential milliners and asked them to share their opinions on what we can expect in 2017.


Millinery Jill

2017 millinery trends red flower fascinator and navy turban

How would you describe your signature style and where do you find inspiration?

I think my signature style is sleek clean lines and not too fussy. I can create a leather stacked rose piece with thorns and leaves etc. but still keep it elegant by not adding just for the sake of it.

My inspiration comes a lot from nature – I have heaps of books on flowers and historical fashion that I think gets referenced in my work.

What shapes are you loving right now and why?

I am loving bigger pieces that are simple and the statement is their size and smaller pieces that have tons of texture harking back to the vintage eras of glamour.