Can’t find the right top to go with your skirt? You won’t have to settle for boring after reading this post.

A trick I’ve picked up over the years is to wear a skirt over a dress.

Not only does it look more like I’m wearing a dress (which I prefer), but it creates an interesting design and one that you can be sure no one else will be wearing.

Here are a few basic tips on how to do it, along with some outfit examples so you can see how it looks in practice.

Some Words of Warning…

Be careful if your dress is bulky or textured, as it may show through the skirt. You’ll need to check in varied lighting and mirrors to ensure you aren’t ‘showing through’.

And if you’re wearing a pencil skirt, the dress will also need to be a pencil cut.

No point trying to stuff your full skirted dress under a tight-fitted skirt or you’ll end up looking like an over-stuffed burrito. Not good.

Here are 4 examples I’ve put together for you…

Example 1 – Simple Dress Under Pencil Skirt

I love the fabric of this dress and the one shoulder feature sleeve, but it’s too short for Fashions on the Field. And a little plain.

Put a skirt over the top, however, and see how it changes the look completely? And allows me to easily incorporate another colour into my outfit.

simple dress under pencil skirt

If your skirt has a split in it, having the fabric of the dress underneath showing through creates an interesting feature you can use to tie in your top.

dress front split feature

Example 2a – Bulky Dress Under Full Skirt

This is one of my favourite dresses, which I have worn many times. To change things up, I could wear a skirt over it.

wear bulky race dress under full skirt

And add a belt to help define the waist and break up the two fabrics/prints.

use belt to break up two prints