The last minute outfit. If you haven’t yet, you will experience this at some stage.

It might be that you forget the race day completely. Or you decide not to go, then change your mind. You get an unexpected day off work… whichever it is, you have barely a few days (or hours) to pull together something that works.

What to do?

Well, one might say I’m a professional last minute-er. I know my stuff.

last minute outfit for magic millions

Don’t get me wrong. It can be quite thrilling to be on the clock and have to come up with something.

Some of my best outfits come from the last minute rush, but it can also be very stressful and rob you of many nights of sleep- and everyone knows I LOVE my sleep!

If you find yourself in this situation, I hope my insight into coping with a last minute dilemma helps you in your time of need.

5 Days to a Magic Millions Worthy Outfit

It was a mere 5 days away and I still hadn’t organised an outfit for magic Millions Race Day.

Typical me.

After too much spending on Spring Carnival and Christmas, I challenged myself to piece together an outfit from my existing wardrobe, spending as little as possible and re-using one of my millinery pieces.

And this was a big event… the QLD State Final for Myer FOTF, so I was feeling stressed.

magic millions queensland state final fashions on the field

So, how did I get from my birthday suit to walking down the catwalk in a complete head-to-toe outfit I was proud of?

Step 1: Scour Wardrobe for Hidden Gems

Your wardrobe is the best place to start!

Sort through your wardrobe and pull out any items you think might work for a race day outfit. Any skirts, tops or dresses with a nice cut or colour.

Lay them out on your neatly made bed (trust me it doesn’t work on a bundled up doona and sheets). You need clarity in this moment of creativity.

race dress outfit inspiration in your closet

Step 2: Fashion Show for Yourself

Chuck on the track “I’m too sexy” and try everything on!

If there’s one item you have chosen as your key piece, then this is what you will start with.

The most important step is to MAKE A START. It doesn’t matter if this isn’t what you go with in the end, but making a start is important as it gets you on your way.

experimenting with different looks

If you happen to find a full outfit, then bravo to you! You have saved yourself money (I like to call this beer with straw money, or in your case it might be champagne money) and you are now ready to start piecing together accessories.

Usually this works well for me, but I do it SO often I’ve exhausted my wardrobe resources having already re-worn all my favourite pieces to the brink of looking like a serial outfit repeater.

Not what you want when you’re trying to establish yourself as a racewear blogger extraordinaire.

So, I decided the wardrobe hunt wasn’t going to work for me this time. On to the next step…

Step 3: The Last Minute Treasure Hunt

Hit the shops like there’s no tomorrow!

I spent a whole day at my local shopping centre searching every store for some inspiration but came up empty handed.

Shopping can be difficult for racewear, especially when a $500 to $1000 dress is out of the question.

Online shopping is good to look at too- but with time restraints and postage delays, your best bet is to head straight to the shops.

last minute photos of shoes and accessories

Photographing potential accessories will save you time coming back again and looking for them.

I like to keep an open mind and take photos of anything I think might work. Your outfit can take many changes in direction, so having an array of options is the best way to go.

Make the most of your time. There’s no point spending all this time at the shopping centre looking for one specific item. Keep your eyes peeled for any bargains, accessories and outfits that might be useful for f