Georgia Gardner Regina Thei Bridget Rose Fitz Fashions on the Field

2015 Oaks Day Winners. Source: Brisbane Times.

I took it upon myself to get up, close and personal with a couple of my favourite girls and the winners of first, second and third place in the Oaks Day Fashions on the Field.

As a lover of race wear and design, I’m curious to hear the background story of a race day outfit. Their inspiration and creativity intrigues me; and the frantic madness of pulling it all together in time amuses me.

Here’s what these lovely winners had to offer my curiosity when I approached them for an interview…

Oaks Day 1st Place – Georgia Gardner

My fellow Gold Coaster, Georgia, and I often run into each other at FOTF’s and I am always so excited to see what she is wearing.

Like myself she does a lot of DIY. Last year she hand-sewed flowers onto her full skirt for Melbourne Cup Day and nabbed second place.

Georgia and I also attended a millinery course together in 2013. She went on to do a full course and now makes her own fabulous headpieces which she is seen sporting at many FOTF’s.

Georgia is super creative and I love how she puts her outfits together. She always stands out in a crowd and photographs like you wouldn’t believe.

You couldn’t get a bad photo of Georgia if you tried!! Just beautiful.

2015 Oaks Day Winner Fashions on the Field

To see more of Georgia follow her on Instagram @thelittlegeorge

Who made your outfit, or where did you purchase it?

The top was purchased from Zara in Paris during a European vacation this year, however it was altered slightly to suit the high waist band of the skirt. The skirt was made by a Brisbane designer, Sarah Jane. I took the concept and fabric to her and she brought the vision to life!

How long did it take to make, or find?

I knew when I purchased the top I desperately wanted to wear it for Fashions… so if you count that, it’s been 6 months in the making haha! Sarah Jane pulled the skirt together for me in 3 days – incredibly talented woman.

Who made your millinery?

The millinery was by me. I’m currently a student of millinery through TAFE Brisbane – completing my Cert 4 at the end of next year. FOTF has become an incredible platform for me to showcase my skills and put my certificate to good practise.

What was your inspiration for your outfit?

There was a 70’s influence in the silhouettes, however the look really encapsulated my personal style. The print clash is very true to my aesthetic and brought a modern edge to ladylike shapes in the top and skirt. I’m quite drawn to classic styling, however love an unexpected twist.

How early in the year did you start playing with ideas and planning your outfit?

I think when you’re as addicted as I am to FOTF you always have outfits in the back of your mind for Spring Racing. However, I started really thinking about Melbourne Cup Carnival 5 weeks out from the event.

Where are your accessories from?

Forever New, Wanted shoes and Mimco.

 Only if you are comfortable disclosing- How much did your outfit cost in total?

A quick tally, around the $500 mark… materials, dressmaker, and accessories. It adds up quickly. Oh and that’s without an hourly rate for making the hat haha!

Oaks Day 2nd Place – Regina Thei

I spotted Regina walking through the gates of Flemington and was drawn to her beautiful outfit- structured dove grey dress with a full skirt and pastel floral underlay top.

I called out to her that I loved her outfit- which also happens to be the first time I met Reggie. However, I have seen her in photos across many FOTF competitions and she’s no stranger to big wins!

Recently, she came third at the NSW state finals, winner of the Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day, winner of Golden Slipper Race Day and first runner up at Championship’s Day.

Reggie and her impeccable race style are definitely one to watch in Fashions!

Oaks Day Second 2nd Place 2015 Fashions on the Field

If you’d like to see more of Reggie, follow her on Instagram @reg_t 

Who made your outfit, or where did you purchase it?

My dress is from Toni Maticevski- purchased from Myer, Magnolia Top- Aje from the Paddington Aje Boutique, Shoes are Kurt Geiger purchased online and Clutch is from Marcs.

How long did it take to make, or find?

I started putting the outfit together about 3 weeks prior to Oaks Day, I had left it a bit late as I wasn’t 100% sure I would be able to attend.

Who made your millinery? Was it started before or after the outfit and how long did it take?

Millinery piece was by Narelle Fowler Millinery, she has made Millinery for my sister before and I was familiar with her work….she probably had every right to have me shot though, I think I contacted her with less than a fortnight to Oaks Day.

Lucky for me, after arriving at her studio the next day she happened to have the exact colour leather – I was very lucky because I could have easily ended up with a great unfinished race day look. P.S. Thank you again Narelle

What was your inspiration for your outfit?

I was keen to go for a structured look with a bit of playfulness, which is why I wanted the top underneath the Maticevski dress to have some sort of pattern on it.

How early in the year did you start playing with ideas and planning your outfit?

I am always on the look out for current fashion and styles but I often find that if I start planning an outfit too early by the time the race day rolls around I can be completely over the look.

There have been times I have been completely impulsive in the past and actually shopped for a new outfit the morning of FOTF and worn that outfit in lieu of an outfit I might have put together in the couple weeks prior.

I don’t have a set time on when I start playing with ideas, if I am happy with an outfit on the day, then I will always go with that option.

 Where are your accessories from?

Diamond and Ceramic Ring – Chanel, Freshwater Pearl Ring – Paspaley, Earrings – Lovisa

If you could do it again is there anything you would change about your outfit?

Nothing I would change, probably wish I had a chance to get some more photos of some of the other outfits that were floating about that day because there were so many absolutely stunning outfits.

Oaks Day 3rd Place – Bridget Rose Fitz

Bridget’s outfit was a stand out right from the start. I spotted her lining up and immediately recognised a completely on-trend look with her perfect dove-grey (definitely the colour of the season) silhouette skirt and white-mesh detailed top.

The structural headpiece was really eye-catching and her whole look flowed together perfectly. After this big win I hope Bridget’s caught the FOTF bug and we’ll be seeing many more amazing outfits next year!

2015 Oaks Day Fashions on the Field 3rd Place

If you’d like to see more of Bridget, follow her on Instagram @bridgetrosefitz

Who made your outfit, or where did you purchase it?

I had a lot of fun – notwithstanding a little bit of stress! – putting the outfit together. The skirt is a beautiful Maticevski number and top is by Bec & Bridge.

How long did it take to make, or find?

The outfit came together over about a month.

Who made your millinery?

My unique headpiece was made by Carla Murley, behind Murley & Co Millinery.

 Was it started before or after the outfit and how long did it take?

We confirmed the design for the sculptural creation once the rest of my outfit was in place; it was inspired by a number of other designs from her collection, adorned with petals, but was transformed into a perfect match for my lace top with the perforation detail. Carla was kind enough to work on the piece fairly last-minute for me. What a woman.

What was your inspiration for your outfit?

I wanted a look which would capture the femininity of Oaks, but which was strong and modern. The sculpture and movement of the skirt, paired with perforated lace and angular lines in the top brought the drama; the long lace sleeves and rose gold of my headpiece ensured the outfit was still delicate and feminine. The colours weren’t overtly girly either; I rather went for muted grey, ivory and pink.

How early in the year did you start playing with ideas and planning your outfit?

I became swept up in the excitement of Fashions only a couple of months out from the event!

Where are your accessories from?

My clutch was a little number borrowed from my stylish mother – a sneaky little affordable Forever New purchase. Earrings were a simple Mimco oversized crystal stud – pink, to bring femininity and a bit of sparkle.

If you could do it again is there anything you would change about your outfit?

I wouldn’t change anything about my outfit. Instead, I would have more confidence in it. There were just so many stunningly intricate designs to behold among the entrants, but I was delighted that mine made an impression – I think it was a nod to the modern Australian design aesthetic, and had a clear story to it.

Anything you’d like to share with me about the experience?

It was a bit of a thrill to be part of FOTF this year – a satisfying creative outlet and a chance to meet some fantastic people. I might be tempted to use my MYER voucher prize to begin planning for next year…


And that’s a wrap! There you have the three fabulous winners of Oaks Day 2015. If you enjoyed reading these interviews, you might also be interested in my backstage interview with six other Oaks Day fashionistas.

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