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Know your Body Type: Finding Racewear to Complement your Shape

The best race outfit is the one that fits well and complements your shape.

Don’t waste energy groaning and moaning at your reflection because it’s not quite this, or not enough that. Work with your body, not against it.

Whatever your shape, embrace it and get on with making it look the best it can for Raceday!

There are 5 different body types: Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle (Pear), Inverted Triangle and Circle (Apple).

You can determine which one you are by standing in front of a mirror (be brave) in your underwear, arms slightly apart. Then compare your body shape to the picture and descriptions below.

Dress for your body type shape

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It’s important to remember that you can have any of the five body shapes, regardless of your size. It’s more about how your weight is distributed.


Hourglass Body

An hour glass body shape is usually defined by having your bust and hips a similar width, with a well-defined waist. If this is you, accentuate your small waist and show off your curves.


  • Make your small waist a focal point. Wearing a belt or clothing that pinches in at the waist can help.
  • Wear snug fitting clothing.
  • Get a good fitting bra and if you are busty, wear v-neck, sweetheart or scoop necklines.
  • Balance your top and bottom half evenly.
  • Try an A-line or empire line dress that cinch at the waist.
  • Wear a waisted pencil or A-line skirt.
  • Try a wrap style dress, or top.


  • Wear anything that makes you look boxy.
  • Hide your body in loose clothing.
  • Wear high necklines if you are super busty, it will disturb the balance if you look top heavy.


Rectangle Body

Doesn’t sound like a flattering shape to be! But, it’s a very common body shape which is usually defined by balanced hips and bust and an undefined waist.

You may have a flat bottom, and you probably gain weight on your torso first. On the positive side, your legs are usually shapely. Rectangle shapes are also the easiest to dress, as most clothing styles will suit.


  • Focus on proportion, by balancing your upper and lower body. Ruffles and frills can help add volume here.
  • Create the illusion of curves in the waist area.
  • Wear belts and dresses that pinch in at your waist.
  • Try an off the shoulder, boat-neck and wide V neck top.
  • Structure the shoulders, to add volume. An embellishment up high can help.
  • Wear an A-line or pencil skirt, that tapers in at the sides.
  • Wear a good bra to make the most of your curves and to add dimension to your bust.
  • Try prints, textured fabrics and embellishments from the bust upwards.
  • Wear epaulets, pleats and yokes to add interesting details to your look.


  • Wear baggy or shapeless clothing.
  • Add too much detail or excess fabric around the waist.


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Triangle Body

If you are a triangle shape, your shoulders are narrower than the widest part of your hips.

Your waist is your best asset. Think Kim Kardashian. You tend to gain weight in your lower half, hips and upper thighs.

Your aim is to even out your shape by adding volume up top, emphasizing your waist and de-emphasizing your lower body. This is easy to do by wearing plain, darker bottoms.


  • Bring attention to the upper body.
  • Wear simple, dark coloured bottoms with no pockets, patterns or design elements. You don’t want to add any extra volume to the hips.
  • Buy pants that fit the hip area and alter the waist band to fit the waist properly.
  • Wear A-line and lightly gathered skirts that gently skim the body without adding volume.
  • Wear tops that are fitted at the waist.
  • Wear off the shoulder, boat neck, U neck or V neck tops.
  • Choose structured shouldered tops, or balance with embellishments around the bust and shoulders.


  • Wear pants with pleats or pinstripes
  • Wear pants which are too narrow or too wide, like flares or culottes.
  • Add details, pockets, patterns, prints or bright colours to your thigh or hip area.
  • Wear jackets that finish at your hips, or any other wide point for that matter!


Inverted Triangle Body

The opposite to the Triangle, you have wider shoulders than hips. You have a straight up and down ribcage and an undefined waist.

You may have strong looking shoulders and great legs, a more athletic shape. Aim to add volume and width to your lower half, while minimising your broad shoulders. This will balance out your silhouette.


  • Wear light or bold colours, prints, textures and horizontal stripes on your bottom half, to create the illusion of volume.
  • Wear A-line or full skirts.
  • Keep your top half uncluttered.
  • Wear darker colours up top.
  • Wear tops with banding or which nip at the waist. Wrap style tops also accentuate the waist.
  • Wear wide leg, flare or boot cut pants.


  • Wear tops with shoulder pads or strong shoulder details.
  • Wear necklines that make you appear broader on top such as boat neck, big straps, halter neck tops, drape or shawl collars.
  • Wear a scarf.
  • Wear prints, patterns or embellishments on top.


Circle Body

If you have the circle body shape, your weight is usually concentrated around your mid section and chest.

Your waist/ belly will be larger in circumference than the rest of your body. Your hips will be a little smaller than your upper body, and your legs tend to be slim and toned.

Although your rib cage and back can appear wide, you have slim limbs, wrists and ankles. Your aim? Draw attention away from the middle.


  • Draw attention to your slim wrists and ankles as they can be your best features.
  • Wear ruched garments in the torso area as they are comfortable and flattering.
  • Invest in a good fitting bra.
  • Wear tops with a V-neck, or those which end just below the hip bone.
  • Choose tops with a thicker fabric, which don’t cling to the body too much.
  • Show off your shapely legs.
  • Wear flattering patterns as they can camouflage your mid section.
  • Try garments with an empire waist because they define the narrowest part of your torso, which is usually just underneath your bust.
  • Try a top which has arms with flare, flounce or embellishments. This will draw attention away from the midsection.
  • Wear pants made from a stretch fabric so the waist band is comfortable.
  • Choose pants that are flared, straight and don’t cling to the stomach or thighs.
  • Wear structured pencil skirts ending at the knee.


  • Wear one solid colour. Mix colours, hues, textures and prints, but don’t wear a different pattern just in the midsection.
  • Wear clingy, thin fabrics.
  • Wear thick belts.


Once you have determined what shape you are, try using fashion to accentuate your best body features.

Now that we’ve gone through the do’s and don’ts for dressing for your body type, have a read of my top 10 do’s and don’ts for racing fashion.


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