These days, we don’t often wear gloves in our everyday life. But it’s important to know the basics about gloves as they go hand-in-hand with racing fashion (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

In this post I’m going to help you select racewear gloves and show you some of the best places to buy online.

Here’s what we’ll be covering. Feel free to skip ahead to a specific section:

The History Behind Gloves at the Races

Women have been attending the races since 1861, in the days where refined and elegant fashion was coming out of Paris and women were dressing for a sense of occasion.

vintage women with gloves

Image credit: Carnival Films

A popular fashion icon amongst women of the era was Queen Elizabeth II and she just happened to be passionate about horse racing.

She even owned some, attending the races regularly and cementing a style standard by wearing mid calf length dresses, hats and accessorizing with pearls and gloves.

This style was quickly adopted by all women who frequented the races.

In the years between then and now, Fashions on the Field was introduced at Flemington Racecourse in an effort to entice more women to the races.

The competition was designed to find the best dressed woman. To enter; hats, stockings and gloves were considered necessary attire.

This tradition has prevailed, with gloves being a standard (but not compulsory) part of race attire.

Racewear Gloves: A Finishing Touch to Your Outfit

In my opinion, gloves complete an outfit. They also create an additional point of interest.

When being judged in FOTF, I always think the more ‘put together’ your outfit looks, the better. Judges take note of every detail so you need to demonstrate your styling skills from head to toe, to hands!

race day gloves in fashions on the field competition

Image credit: Fabulous Femme

women wearing racing fashion gloves

Image credit: Myer Blog

You can use your gloves to tie in colours. For example, if you have some red in your hat, but no where else, use your gloves to bring it in.

In this photo, I tied in my maroon necklace with my half palm gloves. I didn’t have maroon anywhere else in my outfit, so I decided to use maroon gloves to balance the outfit.