I have started a long and beautiful relationship, with accessories.

At first, I was a little scared. Accessorising, for me, used to mean finding a simple clutch or heel to match an outfit. Now, it’s a love affair!

It’s finding a glamourous heel to complement your outfit, a bag in a wild shape that brings that extra bit of oomph to your styling, earrings that take centre stage, or a cluster of brooches that add a whole new feature to an otherwise bare neckline.

And it’s not just me, there seems to be a movement. It began getting noticed when Christie Nicolaides earrings, that were a lot bigger and more extravagant than the usual seen earring were popping up everywhere.

jewellery box earrings

Aren’t these two photos funny? The left one is when I first started in racing fashion from the year 2011 till about 2016. My small collection consisted of plain studs sometimes with stones or if I was wanting my earrings to stand out I would wear the cluster of black stones pictured. Now, my earring collection (and this is just a handful of it) is so bejewelled, bright and colourful that I LOVE choosing out what earrings to wear.

Then clutches and bags changed. Simple, hand held clutches have taken a step aside, making way for more quirky and interesting designs. It’s super simple to DIY some features onto your own clutches too.

funky green watering can clutch bag

Image credit: @melissabarnes_1

feature clutch horse bamboo

Image credit: @allanaburns (left), @elizai22 (right)

Ladies have loved beautiful luxurious shoes forever, but now they’re having fun incorporating them into their race day looks. Never have I seen more beautiful shoes than those that grace the stage of a FOTF runway.

So in this post, I’m going to share some tips on how to choose your accessories. I’ll also show you some of my favourite brands for earrings, necklaces, bags, brooches and shoes that I’m loving right now.

The Art of Accessorising

Having been a judge, I can tell you that styling with the right accessories is of utmost importance. Sometimes it can come down to the smallest details when deciding between sashes.

fashions on the field judge milano imai

Working out what accessories to wear with an outfit is not easy. There are just SO MANY options out there! Your accessories can change the feel of your look completely.

For example, you could choose modern, vintage, quirky, extravagant, relaxed or subtle accessories.

And then there’s the matter of colour. What colour do you pick from your outfit to tie in the accessories? Or do you choose accessories in a whole new colour altogether?

Are your accessories the feature? Or is your dress busy enough, only needing some simple touches here and there?

Accessories – Too Much or Not Enough?

Accessorising a Plain Outfit

When you have a plain outfit the best way to make it pop or stand out is by using your accessories to ‘do all the talking’.

Emma always does a fantastic job of this. She chooses a stylish structured white dress (or any other plain colour) and uses accessories to add interest. She always has a pair of quirky heels to suit, or a funky clutch. (Have you guys seen her dinosaur and flying pig bag?)