You may have noticed brooches and pins popping up on race day outfits recently, and hey, why not? An interesting extra feature can be a nice finishing touch.

In this post, we’re going to admire some of the handy work from the creative ladies in our Field Fashion Community and look at some clever ways to make your own homemade brooch.

brooches and pins for race dress

When to Wear a Brooch?

While you can consider adding a brooch to any outfit, they are an especially good option if:

  • You don’t want to wear a necklace, or can’t find one that matches your outfit.
  • Wearing a necklace makes your outfit too cluttered and heavy.
  • Your neckline doesn’t allow for one.

You’ll know whether a necklace suits your outfit’s neckline when you try it on.

Generally, the types of necklines that can look a little awkward with a necklace include high necklines, cowl neckline, boat neck, square neck, keyhole or any kind of scalloped, patterned-edge neck, and some collared necklines.

To learn about pairing necklaces and necklines, check out InsideOutStyle and ModCloth’s post.

necklaces for necklines

Image credit: Inside Out Style Blog

Ladies who Got it Right

Now, let’s have a look at 5 ladies who incorporated a brooch perfectly at recent race events.

Lily hat and dragonfly brooch

Image credit: @racewear_carousel

The roll neck of this top does not allow for a necklace, but the top itself looks a little plain without anything. The water dragon brooch is a fabulous idea, as it spices up the top and ties in perfectly with the lily pad millinery.

gold brooch and pin

Image credit: @jus_lund

With this elegant and simple dress, a necklace with the high neckline would look a little awkward and heavy. Instead, the brooches complement the gold in the boater and add a nice touch.

black horse brooch for race outfit

Image credit: @therequiemtrend

This high neckline top, paired with a riding cap as millinery, allows for the horse brooch which fits the theme perfectly!

silver feather and circle reef brooch and pin

Image credit: @bellindahaase

This outfit has a lot going on with the fur feature and belt, so the brooch is a lighter option.